Monday, June 21, 2010


Yes. That's me. I'm going into hibernation again for as many months as summer lasts. In Texas, it is a lot longer than some places. Such as the Pacific N.W., where you all know I'd rather be. Oh scuse me, Y'All know I'd rather be. After 17 years living in the South, I've finally gotten the Y'All down. I would normally just hunker down in the A/C house and work on projects, but with the shoulder being out of commission, I am limited to what I can do. I've been sorting things and doing some re-organizing but can't really move many things around.

We did get our A/C replaced before the heat descended upon us, so that is a good feeling. Knowing that we can get through the long hot summer with no fear of a break down, is comforting. Also, our electric bill should go down this summer with a more efficient unit.

However, over Memorial Day w/e, the washing machine decided to kick up its heels and die. We had talked about that being the next thing we would replace, but we weren't ready just yet. Well, what do you know, early morning as hubby was getting ready to go golfing, I had started some laundry, and all of a sudden we heard a very loud screeching and a thumpety, thump thump...technical description here..ha ha. Of course it was full of water and would not spin out. This required baling the entire machine tub out and hand wringing heavy towels out and ferrying them into the bathtub for storage. Thankfully hubby was home to do that.....he wished he had already left the house, I'm sure. But, being the Superman he is, can fix all/most things. Even though he's never repaired a washer before. He said, I think I know what it online and watched a video and confirmed his suspicions, and went to the store. Of course the part was not easy to find and he had to go across town to a specialty store, and got there just before they closed. But a small part, and 8 hours later, the machine was humming along like new. Here's the part: It's a motor coupler.

While he had everything moved out, he replaced the hoses on the machine and of course cleaned everything. I did suggest that perhaps while he had things torn apart, "we" might want to lay some tile down, and repaint the laundry/closet. He didn't fall for that one though. Do y'all have a "we" at your house? Around here we also have a Someone, and a Somebody. We take turns playing those parts. But mostly "we" is the hubster.

Well, Happy Summer. It's only 91 here right now at almost 7 p.m.