Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

Check out what my hubby/aka Mr. Sweetie made me for my birthday. He snagged some broken piece of a candlestand I had picked up off the clearance rack somewhere. He attached a circle of wire and a bunch of fancy threads, and from the threads and wires, he hung cupcake gift cards from Target. They all have $$ on them, and it adds up to $67.00. Why, because I am 67 today...YIKES.

Below the cupcake giftcards, are a bunch of Mentos, the mints I am addicted to.

Of course I can't eat any NOW...since I ate a handful night before last and pulled a crown off. Which resulted in spending 3 hours in the dentist chair yesterday! I thought I'd just run in quick and they'd glue it back on. Well, after he gets me numb, he says, Oh, by the way, this crown really needs to be replaced. And since he'd already drilled the remaining tooth down, the existing crown would no longer fit. I was really angry...I am having less and less faith in my dentist these days. But what could I do, couldn't run screaming out of the place. Hubby was right, I should have just got out the super glue and put my own crown back on! Anyhow, I spent last night not sleeping well because of pain and a sore jaw. No steak dinner for me tonight either.

Hub did take me out early this morning to watch the sunrise, but it rained and was cloudy so no sun in sight. I did get to go with him to his eye exam and help him pick out some new glasses. Then we went to Starbucks for coffee and a pastry. Did a little shopping, then came home. Now I need a nap, if I am going to stay awake while we go out to dinner. Here is me, on my 67th birthday, in a hat I bought at the beginning of summer, and finally wore today.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Drats!! It's Another Birthday

Creeping up on me is another birthday. They have a way of doing that, every year. I rarely get excited about them, nor even dread them. It's just another day, really. Only one day older than the day before. Maybe I will just ignore it, as I prefer the age I am right now. Hubby and I have developed traditons, and we don't make too big a deal out of the Hallmark enforced holidays. But we like our birthdays, and instead of just one day, we call it the birthday month. We try to do extra special things for each other when it's our birthday month. We buy each other gifts throughout the year so there's not much left to get for birthdays that we don't already have. So, it's small little gifts throughout the month. So far he's given me things like a bit of rusty wire, and a bird feather he found in the parking lot, an extra coupon for JoAnn's or Michael's, little things like that. He knows it doesn't take much to please me. I like junk, especially found objects.

Jokingly, I told him I wanted him to build me something more for storage, you know, of my junk and found objects. I showed him these two photos. I'm pretty sure he has the tools for these rustic simple designs. I haven't heard any pounding and sawing noises coming from the workshop/garage though, so I think I am going to have to be content with the photos. I know he is making me something paper related though, he asked me where my beads and wire that he could use were located. He has his own little stash of paper goods.

Love Love Love both of these...but Anthropologie prices are way beyond reasonable.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Days Go By

One day melts into the next. A few days in Dallas again, home and doing only what must be done, while I wish the rest of summer away. A friend stopped by the other morning on the way to work, and standing outside saying goodbye, I looked down and caught my breathe in midsentence.

I was the first to see this, blended into the shrub.

Nice, huh? A beautiful sight, made the morning and the rest of the day feel happy and bright.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Lazy Sunday in the Neverending Summer

Swirly summer skies

I haven't had much to write about. At least nothing eventful. This summer I kind of feel like I have been taking a sabbatical from life. The weeks have flown by, and every day is kind of a busy one, but they have all run together. I guess this might just seem boring, but it has been kind of a joyful relief from the craziness of the spring months. The parents health seems to have leveled, at least to a more manageable stress level. Maintenance, I guess you could say. So I have spent most of the summer just maintaining as well. Out in the early morning to run errands and do what needs to be done. Home as quickly as possible to beat the heat. We are in triple digits now, so I am happy to have an air conditioned house.

Busying myself with sorting, organizing, a bit of artwork now and then. I have a lot of things "in progress", as it seems I am much more capable of starting things than finishing them. I am not hopeful that I can correct this character flaw anytime soon!
Hub says I am like a butterflie, just flitting around from place to place.
I made a cute little card for my Sister's birthday package, and a few other die cut projects. Finished a couple more jewelry projects, but mostly am trying to gather all my jewelry making supplies into one area, or at the very least, one room. This upstairs/downstairs storage is not working.