Friday, October 30, 2009

Perfecting my Disorganizational Skills

Some days I feel like I spend half my time searching for things. Doesn't matter what it is I need, I have to go on a search for it. No wonder I rarely get any artwork done. By the time I have uncovered everything I need for a project, I am so exhausted I don't have the energy to create. There was a time many years ago I was probably one of the most organized people on the planet. That is what is so baffling about the problems I am having now. How and when did this happen? Well, I suppose part of it is just amassing so darn much "STUFF". Living in the same place for 16 years has contributed to it as well. When one moves every 3 to 5 years there is a constant cleaning out of things to lighten the load. Being able to indulge in my passion for all things paper, as well as my shiny magpie nature, has led to gathering way too much. I haven't had to make many choices over the past few years, just gather whatever suits my fancy. Gather it in faster than you use it up and pretty soon you have a problem. I was thinking I might be a hoarder, until I actually saw an episode of that show. Well, what a relief to find I am NOT. Of course it is just one of the many jokes among us creative types, that yes, I really DO need 27 pairs of scissors. Actually if you ask the hubster, he would probably say I have more than that. Sigh. Well, what prompted this ranting and raving, you ask? Once again, I have misplaced something that I have spent days searching for. My lovely Frida Kahlo necklace that I made for Dia de los Muertos several years ago. I didn't have it for the parade last Saturday, and it appears I won't have it for the actual celebrations this week-end. It is very important to me, so why don't I put it back in the same place twice? No, I lay it down wherever I happen to take it off, and then it gets buried with something else, or swept into a basket when I am "tidying" up. And that is not the only Dia de los Muertos jewelry I have misplaced, so it must all be hanging out together someplace. Even though I did have a few things to wear, I really need and want my Frida necklace. The hubster wants the shrine I made for him a few years ago too, but says he understands...Odds are I will find it next week when I am searching for something else.

The small collection I was able to find to wear.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It was a fine night for a Parade

One of my favorite events of the year, among all the Festivals and events, is Dia de los Muertos. Even though the date is not until Nov.1st and 2nd, the parade and party was on Saturday the 24th. Colorful, lots of good music and wonderful food. The weather was cool and so comfortable. Some years it's so hot it doesn't feel like fall. Y'all know how I feel about HOT weather...ick. I'll be putting some more photos up on my Flickr site, but here's a few for now.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Windows Wide Open

The week-end was wonderful weatherwise. After mid 90's again on Friday, we got a cold front and 30 degree drop in temperature. I love sleeping with the windows open, even though sometimes it wreaks havoc with my allergies. I'd rather put up with that than constant airconditoning.

Saturday I was able to clean house a little bit, between watching several hours of college football with hubby and even a movie. The fresh air gave me a wee boost of energy I hadn't felt all week. Oh, and remember I mentioned all the "unfinished" projects I had, I did manage to finish something...I cleaned off the table in my entryway, yet again. This is always an ongoing project, as we tend to drop things there as we come in. Keys, the mail, library books, found items such as rocks and bird feathers, etc. It gets to looking pretty cluttered, but yet we don't seem capable of breaking the habit. Once the first thing gets put there that doesn't belong, it just seems to snowball until there is a big stack. This is not a big accomplishment, such as finishing an art project, but I decided I'd better start looking at some of my chores as finished projects to keep myself from feeling like I am getting NOTHING done.
So this is the way I like it to look!


Sunday, I had a friend over and we looked at books and magazines, planned a few art projects, watched a couple of recordings and ate this!
Vietnamese coffee, along with Italian Pizzelles. A nice little treat.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Where does the time go?

Here we are, halfway through October, and here I sit, with a dozen projects still halfway finished. I usually get such a burst of energy as soon as fall comes, and I feel renewed and capable of getting thing done. I am faltering this time, and it makes me feel crummy. Actually, I guess that is why I am faltering. I have been feeling physically and emotionally "crummy." Is that a medical diagnosis, I dunno...guess I could also describe it as feeling like crap, and that is not one either. I am dragging around with no energy, feeling sorry for myself. Doing things in fits and starts, and finishing nothing. I have spent the last couple of days sitting in front of the computer sorting photos, trying to find some "fall" stuff to post. Even my photos are a disorganized mess. But in every single album, there are birds and clouds, so here are some more.

Seven p.m. Grackles

Three on a wire

Wispy evening clouds

Friday, October 9, 2009

It finally FEELS like Fall

I've been so envious of those of you who have written that you are experiencing fall like weather. Even though we've had tons of rain, it was a wee bit cool then got hot hot hot again. Yesterday was in the 90's and heat index up to 100. Felt really awful. We had a cool front trying to come in, but the heat hanging over us wouldn't allow it...according to my trusty meteorologist, MM. It rained in the night a lot, and when I got up this morning it was 55 degrees. OH YEAH! Dug out the woolie socks and boots and a long sleeved shirt, along with my shiny green raincoat and scarf. Went out with hubby for awhile, for a stroll through the neighborhood. Then we went to the mall(outdoors) with our umbrellas in hand and strolled some more and got a coffee. Cold and windy, and it felt so good. It is supposed to stay cool through the week-end. I won't ever complain about it finally feeling like fall. It feels like it could be a spicy tortilla soup kinda evening. Maybe I can even dig out my flannel jammies this week-end, along with the wool throws for the sofa and chairs. Oh boy! Can you tell I am really ready for cold weather?

Bundling up a wee bit

Pomegranate blossoms after the rain

Sunday, October 4, 2009

No Art Work, Just Work

I haven't had a moment to spare the past few days, as it was time again for our neighborhood fall garage sale. I've been sorting and cleaning closets, trying to get rid of as much stuff as possible. Where did all this crap come from? YIKES. Trouble is, most of it is mine, and most of it is unused art supplies, or "possibilities" as I see them. Will it ever be possible that I will have enough time to use all this stuff? Unfortunately, most of it is not the kind of stuff you can sell at a garage sale, nor is it anything I want to part with. Anyhow, Saturday dawned and with the help of the Hubster, got it all out, and at least it didn't start raining until about 10:30, and what we had left we managed to get back into the garage and sit there until noon, drinking coffee and visiting with neighbors. With the heavy rains predicted, there was not much of a turn-out, but we did manage to sell several of the larger items we had been storing, and got rid of more than I had expected. The rest goes to donation.

It did wear me out though,and I hurt my shoulder and back moving stuff around. I just loafed the rest of the day, sorted some more art supplies, took a nap, nice rainy day activities. And rain it did, heavy and hard. The rest of the day, and again last night, and again this morning. It has been a nice restful week-end, Hubster and I have just relaxed for a change. Today we met some pals at Starbucks, and tried out their sampling of the new VIA instant coffee, read the Sunday paper, watched a little football, listened to Prairie Home Companion, took a nap, a little more football, and the man is going to cook us up some dinner here in a little while. Then maybe a movie this evening. I have to say, that will be about all the relaxing I will be able to handle. I am getting cabin fever just a little bit and anxious to get some artwork done. I have a couple of projects that need finishing that I will start on first thing tomorrow.