Thursday, February 11, 2016

Making slow progress in the rut that I'm in

I'm busy but never seem to have anything to show for it.  This is what's been in my view most weeks, one or two days a week.  Since most of my Drs. are located in the same big conglomerate, I've finally started asking to make several appointments on the same day if possible.  Then I can just hang out there all day, going from one office to the next.  Yikes.  I have two appointments tomorrow, one right after the other. One is the yearly Mammogram and the other is the bone scan to see if there has been any improvement from the meds I've been taking for a year.  The same meds that the hospital said NOT to take because they raised my blood pressure, and helped contribute to the heart issues.  But now that I am taking meds to lower my blood pressure, I can go back to taking the ones for osteoporosis. So the one cancels out the side effects of the other, that seems to be the way this works. When I told the internist I was distressed about all the meds I am now taking, she suggested I might be depressed, and offered up yet another prescription, which I declined. I'm pretty disillusioned with the medical community right now, and would like to run screaming from the entire bunch.

On the upside, I make sure I am getting to my exercise class 3 and sometimes 4 times a week. I think that is more responsible for me feeling better than is the medication. I do admit that some of it is necessary, but I sure don't like taking so much. My ultimate goal is to get off some of it.  Hubby and I have gotten back to our juicing routine on a regular basis and both feel better for it. 

I haven't posted much because there's just not much to talk about except my health.  I haven't done any artwork, just tidied and moved my supplies around.  In that process I have discovered a lot of unfinished projects, which has given me some inspiration. Nothing finished to show, but maybe one of these days.  I'm mostly playing with washi tape...that can be very meditative, don't you know?

Since I'm taking photos with just my cell phone, I'm not always happy with the outcome.  But I still haven't taken the time to go and shop for a new camera. The Texas sunsets have been spectacular, but it is still hard to capture them with a photo.  Both of these were taken from my front porch, first one off to the right, and the second straight on.