Thursday, May 24, 2012

as time goes by

So goes the struggle to maintain reason and normalcy in these whereabouts.  I had a flare up of back pain about 10 days ago, so I have been operating with a more muddled brain than usual.  I've found that having chronic pain can lead to bad decision making. What usually works when my back flares up, did not this time. When the old back goes out on me, I first try the heat and cold therapy, hot soaks in the bath, stretching, muscle relaxants and pain pills.  In a few days it's better.  This time that didn't work. I knew I needed a massage, but did I make an appointment...noooo.  Sweet hubby thought he could help, with a back rub.  Immediately it felt worse and for the next few days I could barely walk.  Oh, during this time I also had to work, and sitting at my desk was really painful. 

After more self-care, it is much better.  I had solid good sleep the last two nights, so I'm beginning to feel almost normal again.  I do have a bit of cabin fever so I'm going to venture out to pick up a few art supplies for a week-end project.

Hubby did all the shopping and errand running while I was such an invalid.  He brought me home a few cute things, one of which was this wire house from the new collection at Target. They have a new thing called The Shops at Target. It's kind of hard to explain, but basically,they partnered with several shops around the county to showcase their collections in Target stores. 
The only one that really caught my eye was the home and garden collection.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Today we kept it very low key, it's the first Mother's Day without Hub's Mom. We went to get new tires on his car. Left the car and walked about a mile to Target and Starbucks. I power walked all around the Target store. Thankfully it was cool this morning, by the time we walked back to get the car a couple of hours later, it was getting warm and humid, and I was on the edge of getting cranky! I called my Mom and Sister, they were all having a B-B-Q at Sisters house. Here's the card I made for my Mom. I used the French General line of papers I just got from Michaels.

Back of envelope

Front of envelope


Saturday, May 12, 2012

hubby takes me on a date

To one of my favorite places. Whole Foods Market. Good food to eat, coffee, even wine to drink, and TONS of eye candy. This corner in downtown Austin is delightful to me....There is Whole Foods, Chico's, Waterloo Records, Anthropologie, each on their own corner. Just looking at each place makes me swoon. I don't even have to buy anything. But on this outing we did pick up a few things.

 Live music at Waterloo. Glen Fukunaga, fine Austin musician.
Date night giftie at Anthropologie.
Bouquet of Peonies
Display at Whole Foods
We ate Sesame Kale salad, along with pizza. Gobbled it up, so no photo.

Monday, May 7, 2012

so far away....

Time is rushing by me so fast I can hear the wind whistling in my ears.

Earth Day Venue from two weeks ago
At the end of the final program we all marched out in a conga line, beating drums that they handed out. People formed the words Beyond Coal and a helicopter flew over and took photos.  If you look closely you can see where I was seated and a little lower in the photo, hubby.  They seated people by shirt color, or at least tried to.  We were out there for almost an hour, I got sunburned.                                                                                                                                               

As you can probably see, I am having some trouble getting my text inserted properly in this new blogger format.

I can't keep up with it all

I am feeling so far behind in everything. My energy level is so low that I can barely get through the day.  Most days I need a nap.  This Earth Day Festival from a few weeks ago marked our first day to hit 95 degreees.  We've been in the 90's almost every day since.

Aerial photo of all the folks who marched out in a conga line, with drums to spell out this message for alternative energy.