Saturday, May 12, 2012

hubby takes me on a date

To one of my favorite places. Whole Foods Market. Good food to eat, coffee, even wine to drink, and TONS of eye candy. This corner in downtown Austin is delightful to me....There is Whole Foods, Chico's, Waterloo Records, Anthropologie, each on their own corner. Just looking at each place makes me swoon. I don't even have to buy anything. But on this outing we did pick up a few things.

 Live music at Waterloo. Glen Fukunaga, fine Austin musician.
Date night giftie at Anthropologie.
Bouquet of Peonies
Display at Whole Foods
We ate Sesame Kale salad, along with pizza. Gobbled it up, so no photo.

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  1. All that goodness in one place! I'm green with envy! LOVE the peonies...they always look so lush and beautiful.