Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Who buys rubber rain boots in July? In Texas!

It's way too hot to wear them, much less shop for them.  I had tried to get these boots last fall and they were all sold out in my size and never seemed to get them back in.  Well, last week during Targets BOGO sale, I hadn't given any thought of buying a thing, because I didn't need anything.  Then I remembered those boots and went online to see if they had them. Lo and Behold they did and a few mouse clicks later, they were on their way. And 3 short days later they were on my doorstep.  Not only did I get one pair half off, I got an extra 10% plus my 5% Target red card discount.  Even though the boots had gone up $5. a pair since last fall, that little discount made up for it.  Sure could have used these when we had our torrential downpour and flooding earlier.  But now I will have them for next time.

I already have a pair of plain black "mudders" up at my other house.  Now all I need to find is that pair I saw once, in cowgirl style with the Skulls and Roses, and my rubber rain boot wardrobe should be complete.  You are probably thinking, why on earth would anyone need more than one pair of rain boots...and you are right.  But, because apparently, I can't ever have just ONE of anything, that's why!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

and then June slipped away into the abyss

As all days run together, I managed to while away the hours of the entire month of June. As I've mentioned, every year about this time, I get the blahs. It begins with the heat creeping in and the A/C having to run 24/7.  The non-stop rain and flooding was added to it this year.  Although the rain doesn't bother me, and would not have, if it hadn't been for such serious floods we had around here. The ground has become so saturated that now if we get a storm pass over, there is standing water in a matter of minutes. The above photo was taken on one of the days before another storm hit.

 My personal schedule has been yoga on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Most days I came home and collapsed into a 2 hour nap. Tuesdays and Thursdays were taken up with Physical therapy exercises and at least one Dr. appt. every week. Some days my knees feel almost normal, other days I am hobbling around like an old granny.  I did tell the Dr. I saw yesterday, that I now have a full time job, just taking care of myself!

Its a very mundane life around here. I have longed to do some artwork, but just haven't had the energy to even clean off my messy work table.  I walk into the room, have a look about, then turn around and leave.  Even hubby has suggested that I might not feel so gloomy if I'd create something. Wow, could he be right?  I suppose/know so. I guess I feel if I don't have any artwork to share, I have nothing to write about.

One really positive thing that we have been doing for a few months, is juicing.  Here's the usual morning juice.  Kale, celery, cucumber, lemon, ginger, and 2 small apples. It's my job to get the veggies prepped, then from the time Hubby takes over, running them thru the juicer and cleaning the juicer, the time is less than 10 minutes. Hubby really turned his nose up at the idea of kale..but with the other ingredients, you can't even identify a kale taste, so it's worked out well.  As long as we don't run out of apples. 
Now that we are into July, I am going to try to get with the program and get some creative stuff done.  Hubby will be traveling a lot this month, so I will have a lot of alone time. That means I can spread art supplies out all over the place and not have to pick them up in time for dinner.