Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Well, everything that needed to be done has been done. Very simple Christmas around here this year. No travel, no company, just me and the Hub. A friend or two dropping in for a bite to eat or football watching. Lots of snacks and a little baking. I feel more relaxed than I can stand. I have been focused about 95% on Physical Therapy and just taking care of myself. Everything else has taken a back seat. Besides making a lot more rosettes, big and small, I've become addicted to sewing yards and yards of paper garlands, and hanging them everywhere. I've delivered both rosettes and garlands to the gals at Starbucks, the mail lady, the physical therapists, etc. I can't stop making them! And everyone thinks I'm so clever. LOL At least I'm doing something crafty and no pressure or deadlines. So I DO feel pretty clever!
This rosette is 6" in diameter.

Oh, and here is the card I would have sent some of you, if I'd actually gotten around to mailing cards. So I guess I have my cards for next year, if I can manage to pack them away in a place I can find them when the time is right. I totally fell for these Anna Griffin cards, they are all the colors I'm enjoying right now, silver, grey and sparkly. Plus add "deers" to anything and I am hooked.

Very best wishes to everyone, no matter what or how you celebrate.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

It's Beginning To Look Like Christmas

Even though I love decorating for Christmas, it seems like I do less and less each year. I still enjoy getting out all the decorations and looking at them and remembering where and when we got them, etc. The whole memory lane thing. I just don't seem to have the energy to decorate the entire house like I used to. When there's only the two of us living here, and not a lot of entertaining, I do as little as I can get away with. Hubby wants to haul it ALL out and really deck the halls for just the two of us, so he does a lot of the work. Especially this year, with my shoulder surgery and continued rehab. After getting the tree up, I do feel more like getting into the spirit, so will probably still be putting stuff up for the next week or so.

Trees are really hard to photograph. I think my tree is much more beautiful in person. Using a flash totally washes it out, without flash it's blurry. I had to settle...just couldn't get it right. Hopefully I can get some better photos later.

Papier Mache' deer are about 30 years old.

Hubby and I buy at least one new ornament each year. We like acorns. Some years we buy a pear, some years a bird. The acorn is in the upper left corner, kind of hard to see. It is pretty large though.

Dear Sweet Hubby played golf all day yesterday, with the promise he would hang lights today. Of course it was cold both days, so here he is, getting started, 38 degrees and windy. He did the front yard today and will work on the back yard tomorrow.

I spent a big part of today making these Tim Holtz rosettes. They are NOT as easy as he makes them look. One needs 3 hands to hold and glue them. The perforations that you fold on are very easily torn apart. I am glad I don't have to make a living assembling these little things. Also, glad I have decided I won't be making enough for a garland! If I were, I'd have had to start in July!

We had a great Sunday, just hanging out together, doing stuff, went out for coffee and a newspaper. Weather forecast says we will get into the low 30's tonight.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Did Your Grandma Make Mincemeat?

Hubby and I are happily spending Thanksgiving alone, just the two of us. Like we have for the past few years. Both our families are in parts of the country where snow is flying right now. Fourteen degrees today where my parents are in Idaho, and they expect ice and snow in Portland tomorrow. It was 31 just a bit ago when HUB spoke to his Mom. My Sis texted me awhile ago, that it was snowing and blowing with ice already everywhere. We had 80+ here today, but expecting a cold front to blow down from up North tomorrow. We are supposed to see the 50's. Ah...Thanksgiving in Texas.

Not much cooking, we got our smoked turkey and Brisket from the B-B-Q joint just up the road. Also a double load of the dreaded Green Bean Casserole. Ugh We usually make a few desserts(weakness for both of us) and this year HUB requested Mince Meat Empanadas. So I had to run out to the store this morning in search of the stuff since I hadn't found it yet. Needless to say, the store was a madhouse, with gridlock in every aisle, especially the baking aisle. So everyone was calling out what they were searching for. I said "Anybody seen MINCEMEAT?" Well, at least 5 young people said, "I don't even know what that IS". The only peeps who knew were the old ones like me. Had to flag down an employee and even he didn't know where it was except he thought they got some in. We finally found it, and it was waaay more expensive than I thought it would be..but after all that I got it anyway. So he will get his empanadas. Anyhow, when I was a kid my Grandma made her own canned mincemeat, mainly for my Dad, it was his favorite. I wouldn't touch the stuff because it had MEAT in it. This new stuff may have some beef broth or something like that in it. It won't matter anyhow, since I still won't be eating any. So, I wonder if anybody's Granny makes mincemeat in this day and age. I seriously doubt it.

Here's my favorite vignette from the B-B-Q place.

Happy Thanksgiving! We are going to a movie tomorrow at noon, then Texas football tomorrow night, and a nice long week-end of football, more football.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

One Month Since My Surgery

I can't believe it has been a whole month since my surgery. I've been in a slow-motion time warp. The biggest part of the day is spent doing exercises, then having to take a nap. Since I'm now down to two days a week at PT, I really have to focus on making sure I get all the exercises in at home. Emily(my therapist) showed hubby some things that he can do at home to help me....the massage part in particular. Although he doesn't do it quite like she does, it does help. I'm starting to get impatient with how long this recovery is taking. I've missed a lot of events and doing things I really want to do because I just don't have any energy. The weather is starting to cool off and I want to be out doing things. But if I do, I get so tired that I can't enjoy myself.

A friend of Hubbys gave us football tickets for tonight, and I would have liked to go, but I knew that I would be worn out just getting there, then hubby would worry about me. So I sent him off to the game and I will stay home and veg. on the sofa. Well, I may watch a bit of the game, and I did muster up the strength to make me a snack. Here it is, one of my favorite things. Crispbread with smoked turkey, Havarti with dill, and an ice cold beer. So I have that waiting for me as soon as I do a few more exercises!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Fall is Finally Here

41 Degrees This Morning! Yay! Slept with the window open last night and an extra comforter on the bed. I always feel better as soon as the cool weather arrives. I drove myself to Physical Therapy for the first time this morning. It was a little uncomfortable, but I have soooo much more movement than I had just last week. It seems to be improving a bit each day. After PT I went to Starbucks and Target. Guess what, all the Christmas "stuff" is up, out, and all over the place. Well, it is just around the corner after all. No new Christmas stuff for me, there is not a thing I want nor need for these darn retailers better not be trying to tempt me with those little paper mache' forest creatures that I have been seeing in all the catalogs!
Oh, but I do love looking at all the new scarves, hats, and fall accessories. I have wanted some of those fingerless gloves for quite some time. They have them in many styles and colors. I succumbed to buying something that wasn't even ON SALE...and got these cute arm-warmers! I'm not quite sure what the point is, they are just cute, and maybe I really liked the way they look with my new nail polish.

Sunday, October 31, 2010


This gal looks like I feel after two solid weeks of intense physical therapy. Actually she looks BETTER than I do. My hair is ragged, I have no make-up on, the only difference is my tears are just tears, not bloody ones. Even though they feel like it and I have several bruises from the work-outs I've been getting. Every day for an hour, then home for a nap, then wake up and do another hour exercise at home, then again before bed. I had an evaluation on Friday. I get to decrease to two times a week at Rehab, but must do an hour every day at home. So, it is paying off, but, darn...I am exhausted. All I want to do is sleep. I guess it is part of the healing to be tired. I'll do 4 weeks on the new schedule then be evaluated again.

I've missed out on several fall festivities that I like...Halloween, and Dia de los Muertos. But guess what? A year goes by so fast that it will be time for them again before we know it. Next stop...unpack the giant Christmas tree and drag that stuff out again. And the beat goes on. Actually there are a LOT of festivities going on in November that I think I can manage, so it's not too bad.

Don't eat too much Halloween candy! I've worked my way through a large bag of M&M peanuts this past week. No appetite for food, but still want me some CHOCOLATE! Did you know that M&M peanut now comes in dark chocolate too?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It's a Full time JOB

Today was my fourth session in physical therapy. I've had 3 different therapists so far. Emily is a tiny little thing, but very strong. The exercises she has had me do have seemed very easy, but her massage technique is very good. The second day I had Aaron, and he is a bruiser! I recall him from before, when I went there for therapy with my broken ankle. He really worked me over, and pushed me way beyond what I thought I was ready for, and it hurt. But I felt better afterwards. All three days I have come home and taken a long nap though. Today I had Robert, and he is very gentle, didn't work me nearly as hard as Aaron did, but his manipulation technique was pretty intense. I was feeling a lot of pain, but also had more energy than I have had any day so far. Today is the first day I haven't had to come home and collapse in a heap on the bed! I am pretty sore though, and have ice on my shoulder right now. I guess it is helpful to have different therapists instead of the same one every time. They all have just a wee bit different technique. It seems my range of motion is pretty good so far for only having 4 sessions. I see the Dr. tomorrow and I think he will agree.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Coming out of the fog.

I'm recovering nicely from surgery. I can type with only one hand as my left arm is trussed up in a sling. Remember I said I was preparing to sleep for 3 or 4 days straight? When I woke up from the surgery I could hear my hubby and the nurse talking, scheduling my physical therapy evaluation for the next morning. YIKES! I got home from the hospital at 8 p.m. on Wednesday and was in physical therapy at 9:15 the next morning. That was a bit of a rough day, then day two I felt a little better. Yesterday I felt like I got hit with a ton of bricks. Besides going to PT every single day for 2 weeks, I have exercises to do at home, every two hours. So much for my plan of enjoying a lot of sleep. Let's see, I can sleep for two hours, do my routine, then sleep for another 2 hours. I haven't eaten much, have no appetite, but at least this time I didn't get nauseous and throw up for days. They gave me something extra in my I.V. to prevent that. Even though I am in quite a bit of discomfort, it is still not as bad as the pain was before I had the surgery, so I know it is going to get better bit by bit. Well, I've used up some of my sleep time writing this, and my pain pills are kicking in, so it's back to bed for awhile.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Countdown to Surgery

Yay! I am finally getting this rotator cuff surgery out of the way. It's been bothering me for far too long, and has gone past the point of where exercise or physical therapy relieves the pain. I did my Pre-Op stuff yesterday, so all I have to do is walk in there tomorrow and get it over with. I told the DR. I wanted him to give me all the drugs the law would allow, and I planned on sleeping for the next few days...LOL Besides pain killers, he wants me to take a sleeping pill. I've never taken them before, except for the occasional OTC thing like AdvilPM. So reluctantly I said I would take the Lunesta throughout the recovery from my surgery. Hmmm..he did not give me that when I had my ankle surgery. Anyhow, I took one last night, just to see what kind of affects it would have. I was still awake 3 or 4 times in the night, just like I normally am. I am not sure I slept any better or sounder, but I think you probably have to get it built up in your system. I will use everything available to make sure I am not going to suffer in pain.

I've got everything prepared for a very long nap anyhow! A stack of magazines by the sofa, and another by the bed, just in case I can't sleep. A few art supplies and a sketch pad, just in case my muse decides to make an appearance. I fixed a tray with all the TEAS on it so Hub can find the right ones. I'm making another attempt to take an herbal vacation. We also took a tour of the pantry...I tease him about having tunnel vision. He will think we are out of something and open a new one, when the one he should have used is right in front of him. Oh well, he is going to be my nurse and he really does take very good care of me, so I can't complain about having several packages of the same things open at once, can I?.

We are off to the store to get a few last minute food items. I need to find some soothing foods, as the anasthesia always makes me really nauseous, I guess it does that to most people. Darn, I guess spicy tortilla soup is out of the question for a few days. I'll be back online in a few days.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Treat from Hubby...A Trip To IKEA

I've only been leaving the house to run neccessary errands or go to the DR. So after the latest run, Hubby decided we needed a treat.. I think he meant me, whiney me.

Walked for know how that goes in IKEA. Fun store. They have discontinued the wooden Moppe boxes that I've always loved. Drats! Here's what I bought. This fabric has dark grey/black/brown/white and touches of mustard and a wee bit of orange. I've changed my mind several times on the way home about what I'd use it for. A chair cushion cover for sure and a little pillow to match. I love tossing fabric over the stair railing and just looking at it for a few days! I did need a nap after we got home.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Driving myself Crazy Relaxing!

I've never been good at pacing myself, nor making time to relax. The motto of the household where I grew up was "We play when the work is done". Well, the work was never done, so we never played. I've made so many attempts to change the order of this dynamic...but never succeeded for very long. But when hampered by pain, I can't just work through it, like my Father still does. This time around, I think I am finally to the point where I can do so little, that all I WANT to do is relax. This past week-end, I sent Hubby off on a golf retreat, and I did just that...relaxed. I read, I slept, I watched t.v., slept some more. Of course, all this was under the influence of pain pills. After 3 days I was ready to scream! Because I wanted to actually DO something.

But I did finish The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo. This is huge for me, because I almost never read novels. The reason being, when I start one, I want to read it straight through, and ignore all else. Ha Ha...reminds me of when I was a kid and my Mom would tell me to watch the pot and not let the potatoes boil over. I would sit right there next to the stove with my book and let the potatoes boil dry and scorch. I have never learned to read the way most people do, a bit here and there. Or like Hubby does...He reads two or three books at a time, and always reads 20 minutes or so before going to sleep at night.

So, I sat in Hub's leather chair by the window, in the sun, read, drank iced coffee, an occasional chai, took a break to check e-mail, watched Sundance channel, read some more, slept. Once in awhile I remembered to eat. This was my little what they now call a "stay-cation" I guess.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Restricted Movement, Small Art

I had my MRI last week. It was a weird experience. Funny, I was not nervous at all on the drive out there. After all, I've had many MRI's before. the place I have been going for several years, I always request the same tech and he makes it a breeze. It takes an hour to get to Dr. C's place, and of course it's commuter traffic. I had taken a pain pill before we left home, and was doing some breathing exercises in the car. I was fine, or so I thought. They checked me right in, then moved me to the area for the injection. The guy who came to get me was really gruff(but he was wearing a cool scrub hat with airplanes on it) and kind of off putting. I was in so much pain that I had to ask him to call someone to help me get my bra undone. This has been an ongoing problem, getting myself dressed and undressed, for a few weeks. The gal who came in was real sweet, but I still had a heck of a time getting into the wrap around robe. Anyhow, all of a sudden just as I was entering the room where they were going to do the procedure, I had a melt-down and started crying and shaking like a leaf. I couldn't explain why..and they all started trying to comfort me, assuming I was scared because this was my first MRI. I felt like a fool, and kept trying to assure them I didn't know why I was crying. Actually, I think I am so darn sick and tired of feeling helpless and in pain! Plus I have been really emotional about my parents lately and all their health issues. So, anyhow, they bring out the big needle and the Dr. was real nice, etc. etc. Then after about 20 minutes they tell me they have to move me to another room for the actual MRI. I'm calmed down by this time, but still dizzy and a wee bit embarrassed. I get escorted out the building and across the parking lot, back to another building. Never had that happen before and it seemed odd...I felt like I was in some surreal dream. I've been having a lot of those lately as a result of pain meds at night. The rest of the procedure was easy. The tech was nice and talked to me through it, but it still wasn't the same as having Johnny O from the other place. After I got out of there, we headed straight for Starbucks. Then I came home and took a nap.

Of course I don't have the results yet, as I have to go IN to get them, and since I haven't been able to drive, have to wait for Hubs schedule to clear. Going on Thursday. But have already scheduled to start Physical Therapy next week. Dr. C says it will help to strengthen before surgery. Can you hear me screaming in pain already?? They are brutal at the PT place.

So, I can show you a couple of small pieces I did last week. I've been sewing little bits of things together, and resurrecting my embroidery skills. It's something I can do that doesn't require a lot of movement. I'm out of practice, but I do love French Knots. These are a little larger than 5x7. The one on the left is for my pal Sue. The girl in the photo is a sweet young model from Dallas whose fashion blog we like to read. Photo is kind of blurry I realize now.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Ever notice how when you go to the Dr. office, they take you right in, then leave you to sit inside behind closed doors for what seems like forever. You can hear voices in the hall, voices next door, and the Dr. talking and you say to yourself..Hurry the heck up! Even though my appt. was at 9:50 he was already running behind. Then he finally comes in and is there a few minutes then gone in a flash! Grr... He used to spend a lot more time with me, but I guess like all Drs. around here, has gotten extremely busy. He was formerly located about 8 miles from where I live, now I have to go clear across town. He is in a new fancy facility with other sports Drs. At least the room has two windows. Wow!

This morning I have to go back across town to have an MRI on my shoulder. It's in the same complex, just across the parking lot at the hospital. Dreading it, and had nightmares last night, when I was sleeping that is. Thankfully, Hubby is taking me, as I can barely drive with my shoulder being so messed up.

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Rest of my John Derian Collection

It took me about a week and visits to at least 6 Target stores to collect it all, but I got everything I wanted. I even bought some of the things I hadn't cared for in the photos, but when I saw them in person, they looked better. Some things looked worse, and believe me, this looks like a LOT...but I did leave many things behind. They have a very large assortment, and some of it just wasn't my style. I've been back to a couple of the stores since, and they are sold out of most of the trays. I'm glad I swooped in as they were putting it out, or I would not have gotten them. They were not easy to get. I made friends with several new employees in a couple of Target stores that did not already know me. One very sweet guy who was working there on the Sunday morning that the collection was supposed to be "out"...went into the back room and dragged out a big flatbed cart with boxes on it and went through it in the aisle. I'll certainly never forget him, nor he me. LOL What a sweetie...he even went in the back for me again a few days later and found the Phrenology tray.

Large serving tray. I really like this one.

I was not going to get this one because it did not look as good as it did in the photo. But wise hubby said he was going to get it and if I didn't like it later I could return it. Well, I like it.

These are the smaller trays, 9x12, will hang on the wall. Also tiny plates, called appetizer plates, and a fabric covered media storage box. They have many styles of storage boxes.

I was not going to get the larger plates, as I don't really want to eat off melamine, but they look pretty cute stacked up like this. I may cement them together to hang on the wall. Or just leave them as a display.

So that's pretty much it. With the exception of a couple smaller pieces, and a few paper items, I am done with my John Derian gathering for this year.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

John Derian for Target

Did I mention the reason for the Target gift cards from Hubby? It's for the new collection of decor items from John Derian. It's advertised to come out tomorrow, but several of the locations have already gotten a jump on setting them up. I was at 3 Targets yesterday, and picked up a few items. Mostly stationery stuff, compo books, file folder, storage. The main things I want are the trays, for hanging on the wall.
I found this one, which I love.

I'll be heading out tomorrow in search of a few others. If it is like the last collection, not all the locations get exactly the same items. Wonder how many Target stores I will have to hit to find the other 4 or 5 trays that I "want"...LOL
I know, I am a silly girl, but give me nature themed home items, or paper stuffs, and I have NO self control. And I rarely ever shop for clothes!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

Check out what my hubby/aka Mr. Sweetie made me for my birthday. He snagged some broken piece of a candlestand I had picked up off the clearance rack somewhere. He attached a circle of wire and a bunch of fancy threads, and from the threads and wires, he hung cupcake gift cards from Target. They all have $$ on them, and it adds up to $67.00. Why, because I am 67 today...YIKES.

Below the cupcake giftcards, are a bunch of Mentos, the mints I am addicted to.

Of course I can't eat any NOW...since I ate a handful night before last and pulled a crown off. Which resulted in spending 3 hours in the dentist chair yesterday! I thought I'd just run in quick and they'd glue it back on. Well, after he gets me numb, he says, Oh, by the way, this crown really needs to be replaced. And since he'd already drilled the remaining tooth down, the existing crown would no longer fit. I was really angry...I am having less and less faith in my dentist these days. But what could I do, couldn't run screaming out of the place. Hubby was right, I should have just got out the super glue and put my own crown back on! Anyhow, I spent last night not sleeping well because of pain and a sore jaw. No steak dinner for me tonight either.

Hub did take me out early this morning to watch the sunrise, but it rained and was cloudy so no sun in sight. I did get to go with him to his eye exam and help him pick out some new glasses. Then we went to Starbucks for coffee and a pastry. Did a little shopping, then came home. Now I need a nap, if I am going to stay awake while we go out to dinner. Here is me, on my 67th birthday, in a hat I bought at the beginning of summer, and finally wore today.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Drats!! It's Another Birthday

Creeping up on me is another birthday. They have a way of doing that, every year. I rarely get excited about them, nor even dread them. It's just another day, really. Only one day older than the day before. Maybe I will just ignore it, as I prefer the age I am right now. Hubby and I have developed traditons, and we don't make too big a deal out of the Hallmark enforced holidays. But we like our birthdays, and instead of just one day, we call it the birthday month. We try to do extra special things for each other when it's our birthday month. We buy each other gifts throughout the year so there's not much left to get for birthdays that we don't already have. So, it's small little gifts throughout the month. So far he's given me things like a bit of rusty wire, and a bird feather he found in the parking lot, an extra coupon for JoAnn's or Michael's, little things like that. He knows it doesn't take much to please me. I like junk, especially found objects.

Jokingly, I told him I wanted him to build me something more for storage, you know, of my junk and found objects. I showed him these two photos. I'm pretty sure he has the tools for these rustic simple designs. I haven't heard any pounding and sawing noises coming from the workshop/garage though, so I think I am going to have to be content with the photos. I know he is making me something paper related though, he asked me where my beads and wire that he could use were located. He has his own little stash of paper goods.

Love Love Love both of these...but Anthropologie prices are way beyond reasonable.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Days Go By

One day melts into the next. A few days in Dallas again, home and doing only what must be done, while I wish the rest of summer away. A friend stopped by the other morning on the way to work, and standing outside saying goodbye, I looked down and caught my breathe in midsentence.

I was the first to see this, blended into the shrub.

Nice, huh? A beautiful sight, made the morning and the rest of the day feel happy and bright.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Lazy Sunday in the Neverending Summer

Swirly summer skies

I haven't had much to write about. At least nothing eventful. This summer I kind of feel like I have been taking a sabbatical from life. The weeks have flown by, and every day is kind of a busy one, but they have all run together. I guess this might just seem boring, but it has been kind of a joyful relief from the craziness of the spring months. The parents health seems to have leveled, at least to a more manageable stress level. Maintenance, I guess you could say. So I have spent most of the summer just maintaining as well. Out in the early morning to run errands and do what needs to be done. Home as quickly as possible to beat the heat. We are in triple digits now, so I am happy to have an air conditioned house.

Busying myself with sorting, organizing, a bit of artwork now and then. I have a lot of things "in progress", as it seems I am much more capable of starting things than finishing them. I am not hopeful that I can correct this character flaw anytime soon!
Hub says I am like a butterflie, just flitting around from place to place.
I made a cute little card for my Sister's birthday package, and a few other die cut projects. Finished a couple more jewelry projects, but mostly am trying to gather all my jewelry making supplies into one area, or at the very least, one room. This upstairs/downstairs storage is not working.

Monday, July 19, 2010

My Never Ending Quest

I know I am not alone in this constant search for storage organizers to hold my various and sundry "supplies" for all the artistic endeavors I venture into. I do fine for awhile...maybe 6 months or so. Then I go on a tear and start to re-organize "stuff". Well, realizing that if you keep bringing stuff in at a faster rate than you use it up, you are always going to need more storage. Then as soon as you bring said storage home and fill it up, you realize what looked like the perfect solution at the store, isn't quite going to do the job you thought it would. So on and on it goes.

Last week I had a few 50% coupons...Oh how many times have these things gotten us into trouble? Well, I dragged this monstrous thing home to put SOME of my bead and jewelry stuff in, so I could work in different places, then close it all up. I really like more attractive storage solutions, but this looked like it might work.
Well, it may be going back as not only does it not seem like what I need...I don't really like the look of it. I think I may just be getting burned out on the sight of plastic storage boxes.

Now this is more like the kind of things I like for storage. I have used baskets for years for storage everywhere. I think I even still have the first basket someone gave me back in High School. I found this one for 50% over the week-end.

This morning I ran into my Target(where everybody knows my name)Channeling the Cheers crowd...tee hee. The picnic stuff is 75%...Now that's really more like it!
Yes, I know I always buy things in even numbers, but they only had 3 baskets and two trays. I bought them all. One of the gals said "Barbara why do you need 3 picnic baskets". STORAGE my dears, NOT picnics. The trays are kind of cool because they are two levels. I think they might work well for project trays.

Oh and I won't even show the 6 decorative boxes I bought at Michaels over the w/e. So, I am good to go for awhile. Hubby is going out of town for a few days, so I will be hunkered down in the well cooled house, trying to focus on a bit of re-stacking.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Bowls and Eyeballs!

Good News/Bad News.. Broken bowlie makes me sad. Hub thinks he found all the pieces and can glue it back together. At least I can use it for buttons, beads, or storage of something. I think we all have our favorite bowl, coffee cup, etc. At least I do, and it changes over time. However these little polka dot bowls, I have had for at least 10-12 years. Because I have borderline OCD, I always buy things in multiples,even numbers, and would have bought 6, but they only had 4. It is my favorite bowl to eat my morning oatmeal from, as well as soup. It's round and deep, so things don't cool off as fast as they do in some bowls.

So, how did this happen? I have not broken a dish of any kind in years.
Yesterday I had to see the Opthamalogist, for my full exam. Since I have glaucoma, I also have to have field vision every 6 months. I needed some good news health-wise, and it was all good. Pressures good, nerves good, tiny cataract still tiny, no change in glass prescription. Happily, the Dr. was able to give me a sample of my eyedrops, which cost me dearly when I have to refill them. A big problem I have when having my eyes dilated, is that they take forever to return to normal, sometimes even 12 hours. I thought they were doing okay, and I prepared myself a bowl of soup, in of course my favorite bowl. Sat down to eat it and hubby called me to come look at something he was doing on the computer. I left my spoon in the bowl, and when I came back I didn't see it, bumped it and the entire bowl of hot soup came over into my lap. It went everywhere, burned my leg, and my bare feet. Hub came running and was concerned about ME...but I was already shrieking about the broken bowl. Of course he said "It's just a bowl"...which really got me upset, so I ran upstairs crying, tore my clothes off and tossed them in the washing machine. Then I started this entire soliliquy about "special bowls" etc. etc. and he was baffled at my ridiculousness. I finally calmed down for awhile, but then it hit me that even though I still have bowls, I have an uneven number. But, when we glue the broken one back together, I will have an even number again. Geez...

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Getting Creative in the Kitchen

First time Quinoa

Well, I do usually paint papers and such on the kitchen island and counter. But this time I actually cooked for a change. Yes, food prep can be a creative endeavor you know. I've loved quinoa since I discovered it only a few years ago. But I've only eaten it in restaurants, or bought it already prepared at Whole Foods. Was a little uneasy about cooking it at home. Seemed too labor intensive to me...soak, rinse, toast, then cook. I don't know what came over me, but I finally bought some to try at home. I researched tons of recipes online, but couldn't come up with one using stuff I already had at home. Also, many of the recipes called for two items my dear hubby dislikes...cucumbers and tomatoes! Anyhow, I cooked some up...thinking that it "doubles" like rice. Well, it Quadruples...So I had tons of it. I dragged out a bunch of ingredients and just played around. I made two different recipes, and both turned out well. I didn't measure or write anything down, so will never be able to make the exact ones again, most likely.

No.1 has Olive oil, lemon juice, celery, onions, garlic, and one of my favorite spices, Sonoma Pepper. It is cracked pepper with lemon and orange rind. This one turned out yummy. Hub liked it and so did a friend. Good thing, as we ate it for several days!

No.2 I wanted to be sweet, so I used olive oil, balsamic vinegar, juice of a whole orange, cinnamon, and a bit of nutmeg. Chopped some dried apricots and added those. Put chopped walnuts on just before serving. It was really good warm for breakfast the next day. Hub liked it too.

I'm happy I finally tried it. I'll be cooking this stuff every week now. I'll still do the one with cucumbers and tomatoes, for myself and friends. I found several recipes the Hub will like...One has yams and chile powder..going to try that next.

Monday, June 21, 2010


Yes. That's me. I'm going into hibernation again for as many months as summer lasts. In Texas, it is a lot longer than some places. Such as the Pacific N.W., where you all know I'd rather be. Oh scuse me, Y'All know I'd rather be. After 17 years living in the South, I've finally gotten the Y'All down. I would normally just hunker down in the A/C house and work on projects, but with the shoulder being out of commission, I am limited to what I can do. I've been sorting things and doing some re-organizing but can't really move many things around.

We did get our A/C replaced before the heat descended upon us, so that is a good feeling. Knowing that we can get through the long hot summer with no fear of a break down, is comforting. Also, our electric bill should go down this summer with a more efficient unit.

However, over Memorial Day w/e, the washing machine decided to kick up its heels and die. We had talked about that being the next thing we would replace, but we weren't ready just yet. Well, what do you know, early morning as hubby was getting ready to go golfing, I had started some laundry, and all of a sudden we heard a very loud screeching and a thumpety, thump thump...technical description here..ha ha. Of course it was full of water and would not spin out. This required baling the entire machine tub out and hand wringing heavy towels out and ferrying them into the bathtub for storage. Thankfully hubby was home to do that.....he wished he had already left the house, I'm sure. But, being the Superman he is, can fix all/most things. Even though he's never repaired a washer before. He said, I think I know what it online and watched a video and confirmed his suspicions, and went to the store. Of course the part was not easy to find and he had to go across town to a specialty store, and got there just before they closed. But a small part, and 8 hours later, the machine was humming along like new. Here's the part: It's a motor coupler.

While he had everything moved out, he replaced the hoses on the machine and of course cleaned everything. I did suggest that perhaps while he had things torn apart, "we" might want to lay some tile down, and repaint the laundry/closet. He didn't fall for that one though. Do y'all have a "we" at your house? Around here we also have a Someone, and a Somebody. We take turns playing those parts. But mostly "we" is the hubster.

Well, Happy Summer. It's only 91 here right now at almost 7 p.m.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday Clouds

I've really had to take it easy today because my shoulder and back are still killing me. So, no artwork today and very little computer time as it hurts to even move my arm. I did very little today but go for a drive with Hubby. It drives me crazy to do nothing, so I had to really concentrate on just sitting and watching the world go by. It was 93 degrees again today and very windy. But look at these gorgeous Sunday Texas clouds.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Map Your Day

It's been a long rough week around here. Work coupled with jury duty for Hub and a lot of pain issues for me with my shoulder. I haven't been able to do much physically, and have been crabby and whiney all week. It doesn't help that I haven't been able to get comfortable at night, so am sleep deprived. Hub decided this morning he was going to force me out of my doldrums....I really wasn't too interested in his plans, but knew it would do no good to protest. So, off we went and I decided to kind of keep a record of our adventures of the day. Downtown early...before 10 a.m. First stop, Whole Foods for olive oil and scones. We drank coffee with the scones, brought the olive oil home. Walked across the street to By George and Waterloo Records. I'm already melting by this time, as it is hot and humid. I'm really warm by the time we get back to the car. I REALLY dislike humidity and heat! So we drove to Anthropologie instead of walking. Then Hub heads out Lamar St. for a scenic drive and we go to Starbucks, Skandanavia, then full circle back towards home. Stop at Target for a few things and see all our retail pals from there. Mikey the sign guy saved me some stuff from the Liberty of London...yay! Then lunch at ChickFilA, then get a Frappucino and head home. I'm exhausted, it is 2:30 and 93 outside. My shoulder still hurts but at least I got out and about for awhile. I am so exhausted that I might even sleep tonight...except for the caffeine in the coffee beverage.

Targets' Liberty of London collection is all on clearance now, not much left at my store but got a couple more packs of file folders. The butterfly was one of the promo items the sign guy saved for me.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Old Age is NOT for Sissies!

I've heard this saying for many years, but it has begun to ring more true with every passing year of my life. When your parents age, it can be a heartbreaking thing to watch. It creeps gradually, then all of a sudden, you look at them closely and it has arrived. Then you look in the mirror, and it is apparent that it is creeping upon you as well. It is inevitable of course, for all of us. I've mentioned how fortunate I have been to still have my parents, who are 95 and 87. I have been absent from here for some time because I have been spending time with them and with my sister, who has been trying to help them for the past couple of years. The past two weeks have been a blur, from the time I arrived to see my Dad installed in an assisted living center after his rehab for a broken hip and hip replacent surgery. The second day I was there, we spent 4 hours with our Mother in the emergency room and she was subsequently admitted to hospital with severe pancreaitis and kidney infection. She spent 3 days there, and we were told it was pretty serious. She will most likely have to have gallbladder surgery. My sister and I spent this time driving...driving from her house to the assisted living place, to the hospital, back and forth 2 and 3 times a day. Moment by moment, day by day, we operated on auto-pilot. Both of my parents are hilariously funny and a hoot to be around. Everyone at both places were cracking up at them and fell in love with them. They are both also very strong willed, stubborn, and focused on what they want, which is one of the reasons I guess they have lived so long. It can be very frustrating trying to protect them from themselves. They are both determined to keep living at home, on their own, even though several incidents have proven that they need help. My Dad is a fall risk, and has fallen many times in recent years, breaking his arm,his shoulder, his ribs, and so on, up until this last one which broke his hip. In spite of my sister and I finding a wonderful service for at home care, my Dad was angry, and after a week, they have let them go. We do not know what the immediate future will bring for them. We have had to step back and allow them to do as they please, and live their lives on their own terms. That's what we all want for ourselves, isn't it? It was never about us taking control, we just wanted them to be safe, and we don't feel that they are. It has been difficult for me, but even more so for my sister who lives close by and has put her life on hold to be there for them each time they have had an emergency. They keep insisting they don't need help, yet every day they expect her to be there. Already I've been told that the washing machine shorted out and caused an electical fire the other day. The physical therapist happened to be there at the time and was able to take care of things for them. I have to wonder what they would have done if they'd been there alone. I feel like we will constantly be waiting for the other shoe to drop, and it will be something else next time. I'm having to focus on getting back to normal life and taking care of my own health for now, and my sister has to do the same. In twenty years I will be almost the same age my Mom is now. I have to start thinking about how I will want to live at that time, and hope I can make sound decisions.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It's Raining in My Heart

I've been walking a fine line lately, the one between sadness and chaos. Alternating between feeling I should post here, but also being so private that I only want to post happy thoughts. Things aren't always happy, and the struggle to maintain wears us down, does it not? Sometimes the struggle for life just doesn't seem fair.

Because of life choices I have made, I have for many years lived far away from family members. I've been removed from their lives and they from mine. I have missed a lot, seeing nieces and nephews, and subsequently their offspring, grow up. I've found as I've gotten older, this matters more to me than it once did. Oh sure we see them several times a year, but the day to day stuff is what I miss. I feel like I am always on the outside, looking in. Hub has the same situation with his family.

I know how fortunate I am, at my age, that my parents are still living. However their quality of life has deteriorated the past few years and the reality of their ages has struck me. My father is 95, but has always had the vitality of someone 30 years younger. He has outlived all his brothers, and most of his friends. In my heart, I thought he would live forever, but in my mind I can see that he is not going to. Due to a fall three weeks ago, he has had a hip replacement, a week in hospital, two weeks in rehab, and now has been moved to an "assisted living" facility. My mother, who is 87, is not physically able to care for him on her own, but feels she can, so she wants him out of there and back at home. He is a fall risk, so this entails having 24/7 home care. There are so many decisions to be made, and my sister has had the burden of handling them because she lives nearby. We talk every day, but I need to get there as soon as I can, to be able to help out.
Since I have a bad shoulder, I cannot lift things, so what can I do in that regard? Just being there should make us both feel better, I hope so. The stress of other things in my life right now has caused my shoulder and back pains to get worse. Yikes.... One thing just leads to another, always. I've done very little artwork of late, and that is another thing that makes me cranky. So I am going to try to find a window of time to do a few artsy things today. My journal pages of late have been pretty dark and NOT artsy!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Fever

Blossoms are blooming,the trees are leafing, the wildflowers are rampant, and along with that come the Spring allergies as well. My favorite Sunday afternoon activity is to take a nap, being lulled to sleep by the sound of lawnmowers in the neighborhood, through the open windows, and a cross breeze blowing through the house. It was 80 degrees. You see, all too soon for me, it will be hot and humid again and the windows closed and the sounds of A/C throughout the neighborhood. Every spring I have these mixed feelings about another impending summer in Texas. I long for the Pacific N.W., the Forsythia, the Azaleas and Lilacs. I'm trying to enjoy as much outdoors as I can before I begin my summer hibernation. You know, where I go out of the A/C house to the A/C car, to drive to somewhere else that is A/C. Yes I am a real grumble puss about heat and humidity. The only good thing about humidity,IMHO, it makes your skin feel nice. LOL

Have you seen the new Spring stuff at Target? Everyone is talking about the Liberty of London promotion, so had to go there to see it myself. I am not a real girly-girly, flowery type, but I loved their bright colors, so took a few shots of the displays, and even bought a couple small things.
Like this set of bowls, because of the color, they match a bright fuschia tray that I have. Because I love paper, I also got a couple gift bags and some file folders.

Sorry about lights in the ceiling. I couldn't find anything to climb up on to get a straight on shot. HaHa

These cute little fellows are a combo of Liberty of London and Easter. ( I guess) Don't know why folks always look at me so strangely when I am taking photos of things like this.

Oh and then there was this one.. I had to wait quite awhile while people stopped going in and out the sliding door, and to get him with no peeps in the photo. My friend was cracking up laughing. We are both very easily amused. I like how he looks like he is sitting on the sidewalk. This is my Easter card!