Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Did Your Grandma Make Mincemeat?

Hubby and I are happily spending Thanksgiving alone, just the two of us. Like we have for the past few years. Both our families are in parts of the country where snow is flying right now. Fourteen degrees today where my parents are in Idaho, and they expect ice and snow in Portland tomorrow. It was 31 just a bit ago when HUB spoke to his Mom. My Sis texted me awhile ago, that it was snowing and blowing with ice already everywhere. We had 80+ here today, but expecting a cold front to blow down from up North tomorrow. We are supposed to see the 50's. Ah...Thanksgiving in Texas.

Not much cooking, we got our smoked turkey and Brisket from the B-B-Q joint just up the road. Also a double load of the dreaded Green Bean Casserole. Ugh We usually make a few desserts(weakness for both of us) and this year HUB requested Mince Meat Empanadas. So I had to run out to the store this morning in search of the stuff since I hadn't found it yet. Needless to say, the store was a madhouse, with gridlock in every aisle, especially the baking aisle. So everyone was calling out what they were searching for. I said "Anybody seen MINCEMEAT?" Well, at least 5 young people said, "I don't even know what that IS". The only peeps who knew were the old ones like me. Had to flag down an employee and even he didn't know where it was except he thought they got some in. We finally found it, and it was waaay more expensive than I thought it would be..but after all that I got it anyway. So he will get his empanadas. Anyhow, when I was a kid my Grandma made her own canned mincemeat, mainly for my Dad, it was his favorite. I wouldn't touch the stuff because it had MEAT in it. This new stuff may have some beef broth or something like that in it. It won't matter anyhow, since I still won't be eating any. So, I wonder if anybody's Granny makes mincemeat in this day and age. I seriously doubt it.

Here's my favorite vignette from the B-B-Q place.

Happy Thanksgiving! We are going to a movie tomorrow at noon, then Texas football tomorrow night, and a nice long week-end of football, more football.

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  1. No one I know makes mincemeat....and I'm like you, I wouldn't eat it anyway.

    We were going to stay home but now we're going to my cousin's daughter's house for Thanksgiving. It's her first try at it and there will be 12 people. She's really getting initiated!

    Enjoy your day!!