Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Oh, Hello

Sorry I haven't written. The months have marched on...Not much artwork to show, and even less to say.  The struggle with health issues continues, but now hubby has joined the club. He spent a week in the hospital after being diagnosed with Crohn's disease.  Then he had a gallbladder attack....had surgery, is recovering from both issues.  We spend most of our time going to Dr. appointments or doing research on natural things we can do to stay away from the doctors.    These are boring things to talk or write about, things no one wants to hear or read.  I suspect this anyhow.  And when there is nothing written, there is nothing to read.
The garden is gorgeous, from all the rain we've had in Texas,  Here's a sweet little pom from my miniature ornamental pomegranate tree.  Also a  portion of our back yard, with the sun shining through the palm tree.

The middle of September, we went to Indiana for a long week-end on business, then took a couple of extra days off to meet up with a friend from Columbus, Ohio.  While in Kendallville, we visited the Mid-America Windmill Museum.   It was dark and stormy most of the day, but it was still interesting. One of the business functions was held there.

 We went to the United States Grand Prix this past week end.  The weather was perfect, high 80's during the day.  Record crowds reported of 200,000. There were 80,000 for the Taylor Swift concert after the race. We did not stay for the concert.  The stage was in an open field area, with no seating except the grass or standing.  We decided we are a little too old for those conditions.  So...we missed our (probably) one and only chance to see Taylor Swift.