Tuesday, March 13, 2012

my name is Frona

Hub invited me out to breakfast this morning. We had to make a run over to B&N to pick up a couple of things, so decided to hit our favorite deli on that side of townn...MannyHattans. Only to find that it had gone out of business! When did this happen...who knows, we hadn't been there in about a month. Oh no...did we help put it out of business by not going often enough? My best and favorite bagel, a real N.Y. style bagel, tough and chewy, not the airy, bready ones you find in the grocery. Trying to think what else was in the neighborhood, we decided on Panera Bread. We rarely eat there, they have a rep of having very high-calorie, non healthy foods. Well, when one craves a bagel and cream cheese, that's not the healthiest choice anyhow. Since we were going to eat in, I asked for my Cappucino in a ceramic cup. The waiter looked a little surprised, like that doesn't happen often, but he dug around under the counter and came up with one. He said, "here we are, this one has your name on it", then he turned it upside down to read the bottom and said "if your name is Frona". I said, "well it could be, that's a nice name". I told him that since Mannys had closed we may be coming there more often, he said I'll save the cup for you. When he called me up to get my bagel he said "here's your order Frona". He seemed to be enjoying the fun of it all. I'll bet he will remember me next week. Hope he still has this nice yellow cup.

When we left, we discovered a small gallery/frame shop in the same mall, so went in to look around. They had a lot of frames and a few gift items. There was a collection of licensed products from several artists I know from Somerset Studio publications. I bought this cute little heart by Kelly Rae Roberts.