Tuesday, May 27, 2014

When pickle jars turn into flower vases

I'm running out of vases.  I  waited and waited for the peonies to bloom and now they have just exploded.  I counted 12 bushes in my garden and most of them are white.  There was one dark pink one, but it only had a few blooms which I took to my Mother a few days ago.  Medium pink account for about 3 bushes.  Anyhow, I have filled all the vases I had, and am scrounging in the recycle bin for jars.  The irises are about finished blooming, so today I will have another large vase to fill with white peonies.
back yard looking toward house

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I Ran Away from Home

Sooner rather than later this year, I fled the heat of Texas and headed out to Idaho.  It was 95 the day I left and a balmy 60 when I arrived in Idaho.  Of course since I left, we have had the coolest May we have had in Texas in several years.  No matter...  Here are some of the daily views from my little homestead in Idaho.
A nest built over the back porch light  
Eggs laid May 2nd or thereabouts
Mama sitting
Birds hatched 14th or 15th, babies at 5 days old

We've had other wildlife in the garden too.
Several quail, they move pretty fast, so hard to get good photo.  The color is a bit off in this one, they are more greyish, don't know where the blue came from.
Ducks were pretty cute at first, but have become a bit of a nuisance, since they won't stay out of the pond, and it is a small pond.  They are also leaving droppings as ducks will do.  If they build a nest and then won't let me sit out by my own pond, I might not like that.
This post has gotten too long to show any of the beautiful flowers I have here, may do that in another post.  I have a bit of a challenge working on this little tablet hubby left behind for me to use.