Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I Ran Away from Home

Sooner rather than later this year, I fled the heat of Texas and headed out to Idaho.  It was 95 the day I left and a balmy 60 when I arrived in Idaho.  Of course since I left, we have had the coolest May we have had in Texas in several years.  No matter...  Here are some of the daily views from my little homestead in Idaho.
A nest built over the back porch light  
Eggs laid May 2nd or thereabouts
Mama sitting
Birds hatched 14th or 15th, babies at 5 days old

We've had other wildlife in the garden too.
Several quail, they move pretty fast, so hard to get good photo.  The color is a bit off in this one, they are more greyish, don't know where the blue came from.
Ducks were pretty cute at first, but have become a bit of a nuisance, since they won't stay out of the pond, and it is a small pond.  They are also leaving droppings as ducks will do.  If they build a nest and then won't let me sit out by my own pond, I might not like that.
This post has gotten too long to show any of the beautiful flowers I have here, may do that in another post.  I have a bit of a challenge working on this little tablet hubby left behind for me to use.


  1. oh a robin's nest how wonderful to see the nest, eggs, then the babies and your pond is so beautiful, I really need to put in a small koi pond here.

    1. Ma and Pa are sharing in the feeding duties. I could just sit here by the window and watch them all day. I can't get too close to the window or they see me and fly away, so hard to get good photos.

  2. Such fun to watch the eggs and then the babies. Your pond looks so nice. What a great place to sit and relax. I need something like that but the water would probably evaporate in no time with our wind and heat.

    1. This is the first time I have been able to watch the entire process like this. It is so entertaining.
      I hope I get to see them fly.

      The pond and fountain are so great, we really enjoy it. It's pretty dry and windy here too lately, so we do have to add water a couple times a week.