Friday, August 21, 2009

I'm such a dizzy dame!

Well, I don't usually answer when the hubster calls me that, but all this week it has been perfectly appropriate. I started having some vertigo on Sunday when out and about, just thought I'd turned my head too quickly. Have been suffering from summer allergies and that sometimes messes me up, so didn't think much of it. I had a few more episodes on Monday, let me tell you, when the room spins round and the furniture breaks up in little segments, it's a weird feeling. Both my Father,Aunt and Sister suffer from Menieres the first thing I think, is that I may have it too. I did all the things I think I need to do....the dreaded Neti-Pot first, and it helped. Then the Neil-Med sinus rinse...and a Benydryl before bed. YAY! I'm all better on Tuesday morning. No dizziness all that day or evening. Then Wed. morning I wake up and turn over in the bed and the room is spinning again. I rarely talk about my ailments, and I have a few chronic ones. Mostly, I just deal with them. But this is something new, and if I can't get it to go away, I am going to have to see the ENT doc again,and that will involve another round of tests, etc. So I am trying all the home remedies and hoping it will clear up on it's own. Sis gave me advice on what she does when hers flares up. Number one, cut back on coffee...OH NO!!!
Speaking of coffee, here is a card I made a couple of weeks ago for one of my favorite baristas who just got his own store to manage.

And while I was there visiting, I bought these new cups, the first cups I have bought in about 6-7 years. Everyone always seems to have too many coffee cups, and I am no exception, but I will get rid of 3 to make room for these. I could not resist my favorite greenish color on the little tea cup, nor the unusual handle on the white one. The other one is double walled, keeps the coffee hot, and your hand cool. Bought 2 of those.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Road Trip

Took off with Hubster for a couple of days in Dallas. He has business, trying to make some $$, while I run with my pals, trying to spend some. Ha Ha. The drive is pretty routine,as we make it often. This time though we were stuck on the freeway for almost an hour because of an accident. We didn't get the details, but it looked very serious when we got up to where it was.

And then on the way home, we got hit with the downpour for at least half an hour. There was a lot of thunder and lightning. Wasn't able to capture a lightning photo though. I do like thunder storms, but not particularily while in the car trying to make it home.

Almost home. Our house is way off to the right in the photo. I love the look of this surf wave cloud. Sky was dark, but we got no more rain after we got home.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Clouds, I love Clouds

I never get bored with watching the clouds. I take a photo of them every day, sometimes more than a few. I carry my camera with me always, and sometimes I am heading out the front door, and I look at the clouds and have to stop right then and there and shoot a photo. Then driving down the parkway, again. Then on top of the overpass, then on the way home again. Usually hubby is driving, if I am driving I do stop. I am not a multi-tasking driver! Then at sunset the clouds are breathtakingly beautiful and I have to run out and take a few more pictures. If we have a thunderstorm moving in, I like those clouds as well. I am in the process of trying to organize all my cloud pictures. In the meantime, this one is from this morning.