Monday, September 19, 2011

A few more Chicago memories

It was fun to stay downtown, we walked almost everywhere. I get a kick out of when people say "it's within walking distance" know that varies, depending on who is doing the walking, right? Well, still, we walked almost everywhere.
Hotel we stayed in

I always notice the light fixtures, this one had giant steel brushlike bristles, was very interesting.

The view out the only window in our room. I like the graphic design of all the lines.

One tiny window. Very nice room though. #1210

These are all just from strolling about.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Six Days in Chicago

I wanted to stay in Chicago till the snows came. It was beautiful this time of year. The high temp the entire week was in the mid 80's. Weather Heaven for me. We worked most days, but had a bit of time for just exploring as well.

I've had a hard time deciding which photos I wanted to share, without boring you to death, so I chose just a few and put the rest on Flickr. You can choose to go see them or not. A lot of them I didn't even crop or edit. Here's my Flickr link..
All my links seemed to have slipped to the bottom of my posts, and I don't know how to fix it. I need to call on my pal Janet to help me. But right now we are preparing for yet another trip out west for another family emergency, so I will have to let that wait till I get back.

Well, sorry for the sidetrack. Here a are a few photos. This was a trip where everything was perfect, and we haven't had one of those in awhile.
Day 1 Landing, driving to St.Charles and the Pheasant Run resort.

The view from our 12th floor room in "The Tower"

After lunch we explored the resort, then at 5 went to the golf course, of course...


ME driving the cart, enjoying the cool breeze blowing through my hair. This is something you would never find me doing in the Texas heat!

Day 2 Shedd Aquarium where part of Pondemonium was held. We watched the pond building for awhile, but had tickets to go into the Aquarium as soon as it opened. I wanted to stay there all day! But we had to go to some meetings over at Navy Pier, so we took a Taxi over there and were there most of the afternoon.
Just a few highlights. I loved the Jellyfish..more photos of those later.

One of the designs in the revolving front door.

We rode the water taxi back to Shedd Aquarium for the evenings events. Bar-B-Que, music, and speeches from the CEO, etc. On the back deck of the Aquarium looking out over the lake. Temps were in the 60's.
Me and Hub on the boat..

Navy Pier from the water taxi

The city from the deck of the Aquarium

Day 3, I had to work, so I stayed in the hotel and processed orders. Hub went to the Aquascapes headquarters for meetings most of the day. That evening we went to another B-B-Q and a tour of a huge landscape nursery. Lots of beautiful plants and ponds. I forgot to bring an extra memory card for my camera, so got only a handful of photos.

Day 4, Hub went to more meetings, I stayed in the hotel and did computer work all morning. Then after lunch, I went to a Scrapbook Expo that was going on there at the resort. HaHa. I only stayed a few hours, did a couple of make and takes, bought one pack of cool paper and left. Hub came back to the hotel and we went to yet another B-B-Que and a tour of the Aquascapes facility.

Day 5, a few more meetings in the morning, and then we were on our own. Thankfully, for me at least, no more B-B-Q. LOL We checked out of the resort and drove to downtown Chicago.
Next chapter, a day in the city.....