Monday, September 19, 2011

A few more Chicago memories

It was fun to stay downtown, we walked almost everywhere. I get a kick out of when people say "it's within walking distance" know that varies, depending on who is doing the walking, right? Well, still, we walked almost everywhere.
Hotel we stayed in

I always notice the light fixtures, this one had giant steel brushlike bristles, was very interesting.

The view out the only window in our room. I like the graphic design of all the lines.

One tiny window. Very nice room though. #1210

These are all just from strolling about.


  1. The light fixture is gorgeous! And I like the simple piece of art in your room.

    My favorite walking city is San Francisco. I love walking there even though a lot of it is uphill!

  2. Your building photos are so inspirational and that bird on the statue, Ha. I love Chicago for all the good restaurants too. That light fixture looks amazing. What a great trip you had, so cool you get to go with your hubby.