Sunday, June 25, 2017

Road Trip

Hard to believe I have neglected this blog for so many months. Time really flies, whether one is having fun or not!  Both hubby and I have been dealing with health issues, so mostly life has been about a lot of Dr, appointments.  We are both doing pretty well at this time

We did have a wonderful road trip a couple of months ago, and I finally got around to uploading the photos just a few days ago.  We drove from Austin out to Boise, Idaho.  We have done this drive a couple of times before, in a U-Haul truck and done it in 3 days.  We decided to take 4 days and took a different route this time.  We went through a lot of country we had not been through before, or at least some of it for a number of years.  All of the photos I took were on my cell phone camera, most while travelling down the road. I think I want to buy a new camera.

Driving from Austin to Lubbock and then on through the flatlands of Texas are not all that picturesque. I think I only took photos of oil  pump jacks and wind farms.  So I don't really have any shots of day one.  We did go see Buddy Holly before we left Lubbock.

Day two found us driving across New Mexico and crossing the Continental Divide (always a thrill for me) and spending the night in Farmington., N.M.

On Day three, which was Saturday, we left early and drove to the Four Corners Monument, on the Navajo Indian Reservation. My Dad had always told us about visiting it several times, and thought we should go if we got the chance.

We wanted to stop at Arches National Park, but the closest we could get was driving by the entrance. There was a rock climbing convention and a Jeep Jamboree and it was absolute mayhem both at the entrance and the town of Moab.

We spent Saturday night in Ritchfield, Utah.   Leaving there early Sunday morning, there was a light dusting of snow on the ground. We had a really nice drive on a two lane state highway and there was very little traffic.  We drove 495 miles that day and arrived at our house in Boise at 7 p.m.

Here is where the video I shot, where we only saw 2 cars and a big rig, would have gone if I could have figured out how to get it uploaded. It was too large, and I guess I need software to be able to edit it. Anyhow, it was a lovely quiet drive for some time.

It was a very nice trip, we sure felt like we needed it.  Life has been pretty hectic lately, and this was a very relaxing 4 days on the road.