Monday, December 21, 2009

Little Silver Circle

I bought a dozen of these at an after Christmas sale several years ago. I had never used them because I had planned to change the red ribbon out for some other color. I would get them out every year and look at them, but never quite get around to altering them. This year when I decided to only get a few boxes of decorations out and only put up one tree, I found them again. This time I took the time to exchange the ribbon for moss green ones, and I hung them on the tree. Now, if you look closely you will see that they are all the same bare branch picture. It's a photo I like, but I think next year I might take the time to cover the words "Restoration Hardware"... LOL It is the photo that came with the frame!! So you've never done this before??? Well, I really hadn't. A few days ago I ran into a friend in the store and we were discussing how hard it is to do "everything" for the holidays. I told her what I had done, and she started laughing so hard she was crying. She then told me about the year she had bought a bunch of picture frame ornaments and had plans to put B&W photos of all the family members in them, but never got it done. Around time to do the tree, she was so tired, she just hung them all on the tree. She said she forgot about it, until some of the family members were looking at them, trying to figure out who the people were in the photos, because they sure didn't look like anyone in the family. She said she has used them every year since, just like that, and they all get a laugh out of the "faux" relatives.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

I'm feeling more like Christmas

I have recovered from my little meltdown of last week-end. I ran away for a few days and it seemed to help. Of course a day or two in a nice hotel, drinking lots of creamy coffee and eating chocolate for breakfast will remedy lots of ailments, I'm sure. Add to that a great pal who delivered a big box of books and magazines to the hotel before I even arrived. I definitely had a respite from real life! I'm facing life a little more focused right now. Taking one day at a time instead of letting 3 or 4 attack me all at once. Everything is done around here that is going to get done. I swear I am not going to do one more thing.

This morning I woke up at 4, made tea, and spent a long time sitting snuggled up in a blanket, admiring my Christmas tree. It looked ugly to me last week, but this week it is beautiful, and it didn't have to do a thing, but sit there and wait for me to look again!! I love sitting in a dark room with only the twinkle of the tree lights on. I went out later to World Market for a few food items and a quick stop by Michaels, for a couple of Tim Holtz items to play with later. No pressure, just play.

Notice the round silver frame in this photo? Look at it closely. I will tell you a funny story about it tomorrow.

Close up of clip-on bird

I love these white paper ornaments from Hallmark from I don't even recall how many years ago.

This year I used gold,silver, white and turquoise

Sunday, December 13, 2009

I wish I had a river I could skate away on.....

If you listen to the Joni Mitchell song "The River", that describes my Christmas spirit. I swear every year that I will ward off the blues, but my nature, being what it is...well.... I used to be Martha Stewart, with a tree in every room, all perfectly themed and color matched. Tons of baking and entertaining and the whole package. Some years I was so tired on Christmas day that all I wanted to do was crawl under the tree and take a nap while everyone enjoyed the fruits of my labors.

Circumstances change, years pass, we are far away from family. That makes a huge difference. Hubby and I have developed many new and different traditions, so we don't buy into the commercialism, not that we ever did much. As far as gift-giving is concerned, we keep that real simple. Some gift cards, food items, and charity.

I am just really blue this year. Part of it has to do with medication problems that I am working on, so I can't blame it all on the season. Anyhow, since I last posted, I have been moving slowly, dragging my feet, sleeping a lot. This week-end, I finally got the ONE tree decorated. It took me all week. Hung the wreath on the door, and I think I will call it done. And I think I will run away from home. Oh wait, the bird-feeders need filling. Better do that first. Oh, and I should probably tell hubby I am leaving.

Lime and Turquoise, my signature colors

Close up of wreath

Monday, December 7, 2009

Tea and Chocolate, Anyone?

Stories of another action packed week-end here in the big city. Saturday was spent alternating between watching football, raking leaves, and organizing and putting out Christmas decorations.
Sunday, I went to a local tea shoppe for a tea and chocolate tasting. I usually pair my chocolate with the Evil Bean... but I was intrigued, since I really am trying to learn more about teas, and shift my drinking habit from so much coffee. It was a really fun event. We got to taste 5 different varieties of tea, each paired with a chocolate of their choosing. Then we discussed and rated them, on how we thought they went together. We met a lot of nice people and the owners of the shoppe are really nice, and very knowledgeable.

Christmas display at Zhi Tea

Display near front window

The adorable Erika Martin, serving up her handmade chocolates

Packaged Blissed Out chocolates made by Erika

Our table. Notice the growing pile of foil candy cups, that is my place at the table. When my friend Pat started saving hers and slipping them over to me, the rest of the guests noticed. She told them a little tale of what I do with recyled bits, so they all saved theirs for me too. Gold mine!! And silver, and pink, and turquoise! Yay. I am so happy with little bits of papers. What a goofball, huh?

The rest of the afternoon, and into evening was spent at one of the many local holiday affairs. All local artisans and crafts people in one location, with many great things to choose from. Jewelry, pottery, paintings, photography, wearables, and the like. I came home happily worn out from another fun filled day in December. More festivals to attend next week.