Sunday, December 13, 2009

I wish I had a river I could skate away on.....

If you listen to the Joni Mitchell song "The River", that describes my Christmas spirit. I swear every year that I will ward off the blues, but my nature, being what it is...well.... I used to be Martha Stewart, with a tree in every room, all perfectly themed and color matched. Tons of baking and entertaining and the whole package. Some years I was so tired on Christmas day that all I wanted to do was crawl under the tree and take a nap while everyone enjoyed the fruits of my labors.

Circumstances change, years pass, we are far away from family. That makes a huge difference. Hubby and I have developed many new and different traditions, so we don't buy into the commercialism, not that we ever did much. As far as gift-giving is concerned, we keep that real simple. Some gift cards, food items, and charity.

I am just really blue this year. Part of it has to do with medication problems that I am working on, so I can't blame it all on the season. Anyhow, since I last posted, I have been moving slowly, dragging my feet, sleeping a lot. This week-end, I finally got the ONE tree decorated. It took me all week. Hung the wreath on the door, and I think I will call it done. And I think I will run away from home. Oh wait, the bird-feeders need filling. Better do that first. Oh, and I should probably tell hubby I am leaving.

Lime and Turquoise, my signature colors

Close up of wreath


  1. I love Joni Mitchell, especially her album Blue, but gee, that's probably what you didn't want to hear, but I have my ups and downs too. Rest is all I want to do right now, of course I have been sick all week. Lime and turquoise, what a wonderful combination. We are in our RV so no xmas deco here and no present giving other than sharing. Having a dysfunctional family on my side and Gary's family spread around the globe and no children - no sense in xmas or holiday celebrations for me. I think xmas has been way too commercialized and folks feel pushed to celebrate way beyound there means and then they are in debt and this year that's the last thing most folks can or want to do.

    While we were in our home we had decorated modern with turquoise and back and silver accents. I had always wanted a white xmas tree, so I got one at kmart two years ago and bought turquoise and silver ornaments and the tree was spectacular if I do say so myself; it is all packed up now. I did make some xmas clay ornaments last night which I'll post about tomorrow.

    Are you really running away from home? where will you go? Sometimes when I am feeling blue I go to thrift stores and antique stores and just look around. I also used to go to plant nurseries too. If there was a botanical garden nearby I would do that too. Very relaxing to me. Hang in there the season is almost over.

  2. Hi Linda, yes I did...I really did. Of course I had to come back eventually. It isn't hubby's fault, I didn't run away from him, just the circumstances of our crappy life right now. LOL. There is nothing quite like a day and night holed up in a fancy hotel, drinking creamy coffee, and eating chocolate for breakfast, to get a new perspective on things. There's just too much clutter in my ordinary daily life and a change of scenery cleared my head. I'll send you more details later, just now am having a pajama day, and easing slowly back into dealing with one thing at a time instead of letting it all crash down at once. Thanks for the nice message.

  3. Love the wreaths, the blue is just beautiful! What kind of birdfeeders do you keep? Do you have any pictures of those? Love the site, keep writing!