Monday, December 21, 2009

Little Silver Circle

I bought a dozen of these at an after Christmas sale several years ago. I had never used them because I had planned to change the red ribbon out for some other color. I would get them out every year and look at them, but never quite get around to altering them. This year when I decided to only get a few boxes of decorations out and only put up one tree, I found them again. This time I took the time to exchange the ribbon for moss green ones, and I hung them on the tree. Now, if you look closely you will see that they are all the same bare branch picture. It's a photo I like, but I think next year I might take the time to cover the words "Restoration Hardware"... LOL It is the photo that came with the frame!! So you've never done this before??? Well, I really hadn't. A few days ago I ran into a friend in the store and we were discussing how hard it is to do "everything" for the holidays. I told her what I had done, and she started laughing so hard she was crying. She then told me about the year she had bought a bunch of picture frame ornaments and had plans to put B&W photos of all the family members in them, but never got it done. Around time to do the tree, she was so tired, she just hung them all on the tree. She said she forgot about it, until some of the family members were looking at them, trying to figure out who the people were in the photos, because they sure didn't look like anyone in the family. She said she has used them every year since, just like that, and they all get a laugh out of the "faux" relatives.


  1. For someone without relatives that might be a good idea, or if they had a blog and blog friends, they could print those out and put them on the tree; you have given me an idea for a blog post - if only I was good at photoshoping I could make up a blog xmas tree with everyones photo on it - wouldn't that be cool? ummm I'll have to think about this - it could lead to something very good. One of the guys my husband works has a saying all the time for everything - "It's all good". If only I could live and think that way all the time. Happy Holidays.

  2. That is a great idea, a tree with all our blog pals on it. I actually took a photo yesterday that I thought might look good in those circle frames for next year. It is on my other blog, Runs with Scissors in Suburbia(don't know how to make a link here) It's a bare branch tree full of birds.