Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year !

A little belated New Year wish for everyone. Here we go, on an exciting new adventure. I feel really positive and good about the next year. I don't always feel that way at the end of a year and beginning of a new one. It's odd, that I would feel more positive this time round, as it has been a weird year. My hubby and I have had a rough one, with lots of challenges. Most centering around a job that was lost and a new venture begun, resulting in a drastic decrease in monetary rewards. We have had to revisit a lot of older lessons we had learned earlier on in our marriage, mainly, how little we really actually NEED to get by. I guess I would have to say that the drugs have helped...LOL I'm not sure I could have made it through the past year without taking something for the anxiety/depression. Even though I hate taking meds, and want to get off them asap...It is an ongoing process, which I hope won't take more than a few months of this new year.

Christmas was spent very simply and laid back, as have been the last few days. As promised, we did go out in the back yard and howl at the moon on New Years Eve... A special Blue Moon, that to me, means good luck any time it occurs, but especially at the beginning of a new year. Whether or not it happened in 2009 or 2010, makes no matter, it was still in the sky when I went to bed and when I woke up.

So, how many calendars have you all hung so far? Here are mine. These are the ones that will get used. When B&N puts theirs on clearance for 75% I will probably grab a few more just to tear up.

Hubby gets me this one every year, by Cavallini. It hangs on the leaf green wall next to my computer desk.

Gift from my friend Pat, this one has gorgeous artwork, and each page is printed on the back with templates to cut into other things. File folders, gift cards, little boxes. Very cool recycling ideas.

Daybook organizer, Polar bear from Half-Price Books, Spiral bound from my insurance agent.

I love the book that my insurance agent gives me every year. On the left is the altered one from 2007, and on the right the new 2010. Now I will make a journal out of the 2008 one.

Close-up of Daybook organizer


  1. Here, Here - here's to a blue moon year.

    love the top calendar

    I don't have any I just use my computer one, but I have a sketch book that is almost filled and so will go get another one.

  2. I like calendars and usually have a difficult time choosing one. This year I only hung one in the office and there are a couple of little magnet type on the fridge. Mostly I depend on the calendar in my computer to keep me sane!