Sunday, January 31, 2010

Frosty Winter Grey

30 degrees this morning. Still sleeping with the windows open, we are brave, no? Both the man and I sleep so much better when it is cold, even though he probably wouldn't mind waking up with icicles on his nose...I draw the open window line when it gets that cold. The birds are huddled on the feeders, with Sammy Squirrel waiting on the fence. The neigbor's cat is watching Sammy. I like standing outside surveying the neighborhood before it wakes up. Coffee, newspaper, then later,CBS Sunday morning with Charles Osgood. Habits, routine. The things that lives are made of. Wrapping up January, in a warm and fuzzy blanket. Feeling aware of blessings, changes, hope.

Grey skies overhead, I love the bare branch trees

My Chai and I

After Hub leaves for the airport, I have a cup and the last of the Lemonade Girl Scout cookies, we bought just yesterday from the freezing little pink cheeked girls outside the Walgreens store. Well, there weren't that many in the package, really. Got to get off the sugar, somehow...


  1. It hasn't been too cold here and I'm happy about that. I know so many people are dealing with ice and snow. We're having a lazy Sunday, too.

  2. thirty degrees, yikes I thought it was warm down there, it is 70 in Tuscon right now. should be here in about two day or so.