Friday, January 15, 2010

Cocooning at Home

Yesterday at breakfast, Hubster announced he was taking me out to lunch and to a matinee. My first reaction was reluctance, as I have been perfectly content to just stay at home of late. Only going out for the necessary supplies and errands. For some reason I have been leaning towards staying home snuggled up, drinking tea or coffee, having soup and bread for lunch or dinner. I've been sorting art supplies, but not really making any art. Cleaning out drawers and rearranging things. Just fluffing my nest I guess. My life has become really simple and I have been enjoying it a great deal, but I feel I could go overboard and become a real recluse if not careful. Perhaps I am shutting out reality and am in denial. I have found myself avoiding some of the important things that probably should be done, but I feel certain they will get done in good time.

So,anyhow, we went out to lunch and to the movies. Hubster said how could I turn down a chance to see the love of my life on the big screen. we went. We mostly watch movies at home, not at the theatre often. It was a good movie, and RDJ was at his best as he always is. The only problem I have with movies lately, is they all seem so visually dark and I have a hard time seeing what is going on. This was no different. The thing I like about the theatre we go to is we always go to the early show, and we wait till the movie has been out for awhile. There are usually only 6 to 8 people in the theatre, sometimes fewer, so it feels like a private showing. Yes, I am certain that most people who wanted to see this movie did so on opening day, but I decided against that, because I don't like crowded theatres with germs flying about. I wonder if getting more cautious is just a part of old age creeping in?

RDJ is such a good actor, that I will go to see him in any movie he makes. He's pretty darn cute too!


  1. He's a cutie but I'll still take Johnny Depp! Did you like the movie other than it being dark? HB thought he might like to see it.

    I can sure relate to the snuggling up at home and not venturing out. I go through spells when that's what I like to do but then I get to a point where I have to see people!

  2. Hey I am really a recluse, I don't even know who RDJ is. I haven't seen a movie in more than 10 years at a theatre and no videos in over 5 years. I like the fact there were only a few folks in the theatre I might talk Gary into going to one if there were only a few folks there, he hates crowds and so do I. I do go out to lunch though. Ha.

  3. I love staying home too. My favourite days are when I can stay in my flannel pj's and housecoat because I don't have any errand to run! But I don't get to do that too often and force myself to get dressed and even put a bit of makeup on, just in case someone comes to the door.
    I like RDJ too and see that he won a Golden Globe for his role in this movie.