Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Long Ago and Far Away

Yes, it's been ages since I dropped by to let anyone know what's going on around these parts.  Mostly, I've been busy and too stressed to write about stuff.  Most of May was spent on another road trip to Idaho, a couple of weeks there, then back home to prepare for the home construction here.  All of June was spent with the house entirely torn up, with holes dug around and under, and yes even inside the house. Then July was spent cleaning up, unpacking the things we had to pack up to get out of the way for the foundation repair. Things are back to normal, house-wise, still a few needed repairs.  We are taking our time with that.

As usual, I am slogging through the hot, muggy, Texas summer. Another trip on the horizon though.  Back to Idaho, with a side trip to Portland for a mini-family reunion with Hubs people. Then to Chicago for a week, then back home. Anywhere we go, it will be cooler weather than here, thankfully.

I had tons of road trip photos from the May trip, but never got around to posting them. Most of them were shot from the cab of the Penske truck with the cell phone I had to buy the day before we left, because mine broke.  So, although some of them were interesting, none of them were spectacular!  We spent a night in Amarillo on the way, just so we could go see the much famed Cadillac Ranch. Out in the middle of a field.  At least we can say we saw it.  LOL

We stopped at several other roadside attractions along the way.  We actually took an extra day on this trip, just for that reason.  We stopped to see a place I had never been to in all my years of growing up in Idaho. The town of Twin Falls, with the lovely Shoshone Falls Park.   Very beautiful, even though we were told the water was at it's very lowest in years because they had not had enough snow or rain last winter.  Most times the water spray reaches the observation deck, which is in the bottom left corner of the photo, right under the rainbow.

Nothing much else to show, except...look at this beautiful plant growing in one of my neighbors yards. It is Agave, also known as century plant. This is the first year it has bloomed.   It is done now, and the base is dying out and the stalk is leaning towards their doorway, getting ready to fall.

Sunday morning clouds on the drive out of my neighborhood.
 I have not done a bit of artwork this summer, which is making me kind of cranky.  I have started sewing again, just a few small things, and making some plans for some needlework.  But no journaling, painting, etc.  Have most of my supplies still packed up.  I usually go through this drought of inspiration in the long hot summers here anyhow. Hopefully I'll snap out of it soon and get busy with something.