Monday, December 7, 2009

Tea and Chocolate, Anyone?

Stories of another action packed week-end here in the big city. Saturday was spent alternating between watching football, raking leaves, and organizing and putting out Christmas decorations.
Sunday, I went to a local tea shoppe for a tea and chocolate tasting. I usually pair my chocolate with the Evil Bean... but I was intrigued, since I really am trying to learn more about teas, and shift my drinking habit from so much coffee. It was a really fun event. We got to taste 5 different varieties of tea, each paired with a chocolate of their choosing. Then we discussed and rated them, on how we thought they went together. We met a lot of nice people and the owners of the shoppe are really nice, and very knowledgeable.

Christmas display at Zhi Tea

Display near front window

The adorable Erika Martin, serving up her handmade chocolates

Packaged Blissed Out chocolates made by Erika

Our table. Notice the growing pile of foil candy cups, that is my place at the table. When my friend Pat started saving hers and slipping them over to me, the rest of the guests noticed. She told them a little tale of what I do with recyled bits, so they all saved theirs for me too. Gold mine!! And silver, and pink, and turquoise! Yay. I am so happy with little bits of papers. What a goofball, huh?

The rest of the afternoon, and into evening was spent at one of the many local holiday affairs. All local artisans and crafts people in one location, with many great things to choose from. Jewelry, pottery, paintings, photography, wearables, and the like. I came home happily worn out from another fun filled day in December. More festivals to attend next week.


  1. Tea and chocolate....that sounds interesting. I often put chocolate in my "fake" coffee but I've never tried it with tea.

    Lucky you! Getting all those fun bits of colored foil.

  2. What a fun time; there is nothing better than good chocolate. I have morphed into only 70% or greater content, I can't even eat a hershey bar any more, what a choco snob I am. Yummy. Give me a chocolate truffle and I am in heaven. I like tea too but have never tried them to gether. The other day at the grocery I was looking for some almonds and saw cocoa roast almonds by emerald, those are pretty good for a snack.