Monday, July 19, 2010

My Never Ending Quest

I know I am not alone in this constant search for storage organizers to hold my various and sundry "supplies" for all the artistic endeavors I venture into. I do fine for awhile...maybe 6 months or so. Then I go on a tear and start to re-organize "stuff". Well, realizing that if you keep bringing stuff in at a faster rate than you use it up, you are always going to need more storage. Then as soon as you bring said storage home and fill it up, you realize what looked like the perfect solution at the store, isn't quite going to do the job you thought it would. So on and on it goes.

Last week I had a few 50% coupons...Oh how many times have these things gotten us into trouble? Well, I dragged this monstrous thing home to put SOME of my bead and jewelry stuff in, so I could work in different places, then close it all up. I really like more attractive storage solutions, but this looked like it might work.
Well, it may be going back as not only does it not seem like what I need...I don't really like the look of it. I think I may just be getting burned out on the sight of plastic storage boxes.

Now this is more like the kind of things I like for storage. I have used baskets for years for storage everywhere. I think I even still have the first basket someone gave me back in High School. I found this one for 50% over the week-end.

This morning I ran into my Target(where everybody knows my name)Channeling the Cheers crowd...tee hee. The picnic stuff is 75%...Now that's really more like it!
Yes, I know I always buy things in even numbers, but they only had 3 baskets and two trays. I bought them all. One of the gals said "Barbara why do you need 3 picnic baskets". STORAGE my dears, NOT picnics. The trays are kind of cool because they are two levels. I think they might work well for project trays.

Oh and I won't even show the 6 decorative boxes I bought at Michaels over the w/e. So, I am good to go for awhile. Hubby is going out of town for a few days, so I will be hunkered down in the well cooled house, trying to focus on a bit of re-stacking.

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  1. I have one of those plastic roll around carts with three drawers for my jewlery stuff, e gads I have a lot of stuff. I also have baskets for the top of my closet to put undies and socks in, looks better than clothes piled up. I never have like dressers; anyway I gave away almost all my clothes and just have a few now. One can never have neough storage.