Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Getting Creative in the Kitchen

First time Quinoa

Well, I do usually paint papers and such on the kitchen island and counter. But this time I actually cooked for a change. Yes, food prep can be a creative endeavor you know. I've loved quinoa since I discovered it only a few years ago. But I've only eaten it in restaurants, or bought it already prepared at Whole Foods. Was a little uneasy about cooking it at home. Seemed too labor intensive to me...soak, rinse, toast, then cook. I don't know what came over me, but I finally bought some to try at home. I researched tons of recipes online, but couldn't come up with one using stuff I already had at home. Also, many of the recipes called for two items my dear hubby dislikes...cucumbers and tomatoes! Anyhow, I cooked some up...thinking that it "doubles" like rice. Well, it Quadruples...So I had tons of it. I dragged out a bunch of ingredients and just played around. I made two different recipes, and both turned out well. I didn't measure or write anything down, so will never be able to make the exact ones again, most likely.

No.1 has Olive oil, lemon juice, celery, onions, garlic, and one of my favorite spices, Sonoma Pepper. It is cracked pepper with lemon and orange rind. This one turned out yummy. Hub liked it and so did a friend. Good thing, as we ate it for several days!

No.2 I wanted to be sweet, so I used olive oil, balsamic vinegar, juice of a whole orange, cinnamon, and a bit of nutmeg. Chopped some dried apricots and added those. Put chopped walnuts on just before serving. It was really good warm for breakfast the next day. Hub liked it too.

I'm happy I finally tried it. I'll be cooking this stuff every week now. I'll still do the one with cucumbers and tomatoes, for myself and friends. I found several recipes the Hub will like...One has yams and chile powder..going to try that next.

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  1. We really have to quit thinking alike! I made quinoa last week! I saw a recipe on someone's blog and it sounded so good I tried it. HB doesn't eat it but I loved it.

    I like the sound of the sweet one you made. I might give that a try next time.