Friday, July 9, 2010

Bowls and Eyeballs!

Good News/Bad News.. Broken bowlie makes me sad. Hub thinks he found all the pieces and can glue it back together. At least I can use it for buttons, beads, or storage of something. I think we all have our favorite bowl, coffee cup, etc. At least I do, and it changes over time. However these little polka dot bowls, I have had for at least 10-12 years. Because I have borderline OCD, I always buy things in multiples,even numbers, and would have bought 6, but they only had 4. It is my favorite bowl to eat my morning oatmeal from, as well as soup. It's round and deep, so things don't cool off as fast as they do in some bowls.

So, how did this happen? I have not broken a dish of any kind in years.
Yesterday I had to see the Opthamalogist, for my full exam. Since I have glaucoma, I also have to have field vision every 6 months. I needed some good news health-wise, and it was all good. Pressures good, nerves good, tiny cataract still tiny, no change in glass prescription. Happily, the Dr. was able to give me a sample of my eyedrops, which cost me dearly when I have to refill them. A big problem I have when having my eyes dilated, is that they take forever to return to normal, sometimes even 12 hours. I thought they were doing okay, and I prepared myself a bowl of soup, in of course my favorite bowl. Sat down to eat it and hubby called me to come look at something he was doing on the computer. I left my spoon in the bowl, and when I came back I didn't see it, bumped it and the entire bowl of hot soup came over into my lap. It went everywhere, burned my leg, and my bare feet. Hub came running and was concerned about ME...but I was already shrieking about the broken bowl. Of course he said "It's just a bowl"...which really got me upset, so I ran upstairs crying, tore my clothes off and tossed them in the washing machine. Then I started this entire soliliquy about "special bowls" etc. etc. and he was baffled at my ridiculousness. I finally calmed down for awhile, but then it hit me that even though I still have bowls, I have an uneven number. But, when we glue the broken one back together, I will have an even number again. Geez...

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  1. I have favorites, too and always hate it if something gets broken. But I don't mind having things in uneven numbers. In fact, recently HB broke a bowl and it shattered into a million pieces. No hope of gluing it back together! So now we have three.

    I'm glad you got good news from the eye doctor. And free samples are good, too.