Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Fever

Blossoms are blooming,the trees are leafing, the wildflowers are rampant, and along with that come the Spring allergies as well. My favorite Sunday afternoon activity is to take a nap, being lulled to sleep by the sound of lawnmowers in the neighborhood, through the open windows, and a cross breeze blowing through the house. It was 80 degrees. You see, all too soon for me, it will be hot and humid again and the windows closed and the sounds of A/C throughout the neighborhood. Every spring I have these mixed feelings about another impending summer in Texas. I long for the Pacific N.W., the Forsythia, the Azaleas and Lilacs. I'm trying to enjoy as much outdoors as I can before I begin my summer hibernation. You know, where I go out of the A/C house to the A/C car, to drive to somewhere else that is A/C. Yes I am a real grumble puss about heat and humidity. The only good thing about humidity,IMHO, it makes your skin feel nice. LOL

Have you seen the new Spring stuff at Target? Everyone is talking about the Liberty of London promotion, so had to go there to see it myself. I am not a real girly-girly, flowery type, but I loved their bright colors, so took a few shots of the displays, and even bought a couple small things.
Like this set of bowls, because of the color, they match a bright fuschia tray that I have. Because I love paper, I also got a couple gift bags and some file folders.

Sorry about lights in the ceiling. I couldn't find anything to climb up on to get a straight on shot. HaHa

These cute little fellows are a combo of Liberty of London and Easter. ( I guess) Don't know why folks always look at me so strangely when I am taking photos of things like this.

Oh and then there was this one.. I had to wait quite awhile while people stopped going in and out the sliding door, and to get him with no peeps in the photo. My friend was cracking up laughing. We are both very easily amused. I like how he looks like he is sitting on the sidewalk. This is my Easter card!


  1. You and I share the same dread of summer except mostly mine is just the intense heat. We've been having very pleasant weather but I think a storm front is coming through and our temps are dropping again and we're expecting some rain.

    I haven't been to Target in ages but I've seen the ads for all the new stuff. Maybe I'll venture over and have a look see. You make it look interesting!

  2. the colors are wonderful and the bunnies and lamb are precious, I would have been impressed too. Gary gets embarrassed when I am taking photos of all kinds of stuff, especially when I take photos of food in restaurants before I eat it. Ha. Happy Spring. I fear I am going to be just like you in Texas here in Florida, but warm in winter is better for my poor back which has gotten so bad I have hardly been able to do much. Perhaps now that I am out of the RV it will improve.

  3. when you get a chance, stop by my blog for an award.