Friday, March 12, 2010

Damn Crappy Lemons!

Just got off the phone with Justin, the repair guy. My hard drive is fried/defective/fatal/etc. etc. CRAP! I had such hopes. Just went through my camera card, not much there, I used to be afraid to delete anything even after I downloaded it to the computer Recently I have gotten into the habit of deleting it from the camera each time I get it onto the computer. Well, I have lost some of my photos, a LOT actually, a lot of BIRDs, Trees, AND Clouds that I have taken lately. Plus, I haven't even dared to think about "remembering" all the trips lately and the around town artsy stuff, stored in several files on the desktop. I lost most of my San Francisco photos, except for the ones I put on Flickr, but I still have my photos from Savannah and Charleston, so I have to be grateful for that. Justin said they can send it off, but the cost starts at $200. and can get as high as $1200. for that kind of recovery. Not prepared to go to that extreme.

Well, this is one of the days I can feel thankful that I am on anxiety meds. For I am just reasonably frantic, not having a total meltdown. On my way out to pick up my new computer, get Hub to install it, then I will move on to making crappy lemonade out of my crappy lemons! Will be spending all my extra money now, buying little flash drives to store my photos on. I sure as heck won't put anything on the desktop. I know....this thing that happened may never happen again. But I sure as heck will take time to back EVERYTHING up from now on.


  1. Oh, no! My daughter just went through the same thing....lost all her photos and tons of writing. I can sympathize about using a laptop....I only use mine to browse, not for typing anything.

  2. what a bummer, so sorry about the loss of all your photos, that is just the worst, I so know how you feel, I would be devastated if I lost mine. what type of virus protection do you have? I got one of those plug in things that backs up a huge amount of stuff, but I have yet to use it; i better start right away, that is real scary.

  3. Thanks you two. I have felt so foolish for storing stuff on the desktop, but as I have shared this story with people,I learn that most people do...and almost to a person, say they don't do back-ups like they are supposed to.

    Linda, I have an external hard drive that I stored lots of photos on too, just hadn't moved stuff from the desktop in a long time. Drats! You can bet I will do it weekly now. My computer was 7 years old, so it was living on borrowed time anyhow. It just got tired and bit the dust!