Saturday, September 4, 2010

John Derian for Target

Did I mention the reason for the Target gift cards from Hubby? It's for the new collection of decor items from John Derian. It's advertised to come out tomorrow, but several of the locations have already gotten a jump on setting them up. I was at 3 Targets yesterday, and picked up a few items. Mostly stationery stuff, compo books, file folder, storage. The main things I want are the trays, for hanging on the wall.
I found this one, which I love.

I'll be heading out tomorrow in search of a few others. If it is like the last collection, not all the locations get exactly the same items. Wonder how many Target stores I will have to hit to find the other 4 or 5 trays that I "want"...LOL
I know, I am a silly girl, but give me nature themed home items, or paper stuffs, and I have NO self control. And I rarely ever shop for clothes!

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