Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

Check out what my hubby/aka Mr. Sweetie made me for my birthday. He snagged some broken piece of a candlestand I had picked up off the clearance rack somewhere. He attached a circle of wire and a bunch of fancy threads, and from the threads and wires, he hung cupcake gift cards from Target. They all have $$ on them, and it adds up to $67.00. Why, because I am 67 today...YIKES.

Below the cupcake giftcards, are a bunch of Mentos, the mints I am addicted to.

Of course I can't eat any NOW...since I ate a handful night before last and pulled a crown off. Which resulted in spending 3 hours in the dentist chair yesterday! I thought I'd just run in quick and they'd glue it back on. Well, after he gets me numb, he says, Oh, by the way, this crown really needs to be replaced. And since he'd already drilled the remaining tooth down, the existing crown would no longer fit. I was really angry...I am having less and less faith in my dentist these days. But what could I do, couldn't run screaming out of the place. Hubby was right, I should have just got out the super glue and put my own crown back on! Anyhow, I spent last night not sleeping well because of pain and a sore jaw. No steak dinner for me tonight either.

Hub did take me out early this morning to watch the sunrise, but it rained and was cloudy so no sun in sight. I did get to go with him to his eye exam and help him pick out some new glasses. Then we went to Starbucks for coffee and a pastry. Did a little shopping, then came home. Now I need a nap, if I am going to stay awake while we go out to dinner. Here is me, on my 67th birthday, in a hat I bought at the beginning of summer, and finally wore today.


  1. Happy Birthday! Your hubby created such a pretty gift for you. I love the cupcake gift card holder.

    It must be tooth season or something. Seems like everyone is having tooth problems lately. I hope yours is feeling better. HB is at the dentist this very minute....he's having problems with the root canal they did last week.

    Love the pic of you in the hat!

  2. Happy birthday, seems like there are two talented people in your family, you and your husband, that is a great card. tooth pain is the worst thing, I hope it goes away quickly.