Friday, August 27, 2010

Drats!! It's Another Birthday

Creeping up on me is another birthday. They have a way of doing that, every year. I rarely get excited about them, nor even dread them. It's just another day, really. Only one day older than the day before. Maybe I will just ignore it, as I prefer the age I am right now. Hubby and I have developed traditons, and we don't make too big a deal out of the Hallmark enforced holidays. But we like our birthdays, and instead of just one day, we call it the birthday month. We try to do extra special things for each other when it's our birthday month. We buy each other gifts throughout the year so there's not much left to get for birthdays that we don't already have. So, it's small little gifts throughout the month. So far he's given me things like a bit of rusty wire, and a bird feather he found in the parking lot, an extra coupon for JoAnn's or Michael's, little things like that. He knows it doesn't take much to please me. I like junk, especially found objects.

Jokingly, I told him I wanted him to build me something more for storage, you know, of my junk and found objects. I showed him these two photos. I'm pretty sure he has the tools for these rustic simple designs. I haven't heard any pounding and sawing noises coming from the workshop/garage though, so I think I am going to have to be content with the photos. I know he is making me something paper related though, he asked me where my beads and wire that he could use were located. He has his own little stash of paper goods.

Love Love Love both of these...but Anthropologie prices are way beyond reasonable.

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  1. HB and I don't go all out for birthdays anymore. But we do try to do some little something that's special. I like your idea of celebrating for the whole month with little surprises.