Monday, September 20, 2010

The Rest of my John Derian Collection

It took me about a week and visits to at least 6 Target stores to collect it all, but I got everything I wanted. I even bought some of the things I hadn't cared for in the photos, but when I saw them in person, they looked better. Some things looked worse, and believe me, this looks like a LOT...but I did leave many things behind. They have a very large assortment, and some of it just wasn't my style. I've been back to a couple of the stores since, and they are sold out of most of the trays. I'm glad I swooped in as they were putting it out, or I would not have gotten them. They were not easy to get. I made friends with several new employees in a couple of Target stores that did not already know me. One very sweet guy who was working there on the Sunday morning that the collection was supposed to be "out"...went into the back room and dragged out a big flatbed cart with boxes on it and went through it in the aisle. I'll certainly never forget him, nor he me. LOL What a sweetie...he even went in the back for me again a few days later and found the Phrenology tray.

Large serving tray. I really like this one.

I was not going to get this one because it did not look as good as it did in the photo. But wise hubby said he was going to get it and if I didn't like it later I could return it. Well, I like it.

These are the smaller trays, 9x12, will hang on the wall. Also tiny plates, called appetizer plates, and a fabric covered media storage box. They have many styles of storage boxes.

I was not going to get the larger plates, as I don't really want to eat off melamine, but they look pretty cute stacked up like this. I may cement them together to hang on the wall. Or just leave them as a display.

So that's pretty much it. With the exception of a couple smaller pieces, and a few paper items, I am done with my John Derian gathering for this year.

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