Thursday, October 7, 2010

Driving myself Crazy Relaxing!

I've never been good at pacing myself, nor making time to relax. The motto of the household where I grew up was "We play when the work is done". Well, the work was never done, so we never played. I've made so many attempts to change the order of this dynamic...but never succeeded for very long. But when hampered by pain, I can't just work through it, like my Father still does. This time around, I think I am finally to the point where I can do so little, that all I WANT to do is relax. This past week-end, I sent Hubby off on a golf retreat, and I did just that...relaxed. I read, I slept, I watched t.v., slept some more. Of course, all this was under the influence of pain pills. After 3 days I was ready to scream! Because I wanted to actually DO something.

But I did finish The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo. This is huge for me, because I almost never read novels. The reason being, when I start one, I want to read it straight through, and ignore all else. Ha Ha...reminds me of when I was a kid and my Mom would tell me to watch the pot and not let the potatoes boil over. I would sit right there next to the stove with my book and let the potatoes boil dry and scorch. I have never learned to read the way most people do, a bit here and there. Or like Hubby does...He reads two or three books at a time, and always reads 20 minutes or so before going to sleep at night.

So, I sat in Hub's leather chair by the window, in the sun, read, drank iced coffee, an occasional chai, took a break to check e-mail, watched Sundance channel, read some more, slept. Once in awhile I remembered to eat. This was my little what they now call a "stay-cation" I guess.

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