Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Well, everything that needed to be done has been done. Very simple Christmas around here this year. No travel, no company, just me and the Hub. A friend or two dropping in for a bite to eat or football watching. Lots of snacks and a little baking. I feel more relaxed than I can stand. I have been focused about 95% on Physical Therapy and just taking care of myself. Everything else has taken a back seat. Besides making a lot more rosettes, big and small, I've become addicted to sewing yards and yards of paper garlands, and hanging them everywhere. I've delivered both rosettes and garlands to the gals at Starbucks, the mail lady, the physical therapists, etc. I can't stop making them! And everyone thinks I'm so clever. LOL At least I'm doing something crafty and no pressure or deadlines. So I DO feel pretty clever!
This rosette is 6" in diameter.

Oh, and here is the card I would have sent some of you, if I'd actually gotten around to mailing cards. So I guess I have my cards for next year, if I can manage to pack them away in a place I can find them when the time is right. I totally fell for these Anna Griffin cards, they are all the colors I'm enjoying right now, silver, grey and sparkly. Plus add "deers" to anything and I am hooked.

Very best wishes to everyone, no matter what or how you celebrate.


  1. Your rosettes and paper garland look great! Are they easy to make? I might have to try some for next year.

    Love the cards! I usually buy my cards the previous year and then have to search the house for where I stashed them. You'd think I'd pick one spot to store them so they'd be easy to find but oh, no, I can't make it that easy!

    Merry Christmas!!

  2. I love that rosette! You have been such a busy beaver! Would love to see a close up of
    the garland.

  3. Beautiful rosettes how nice to share them with others, those cards are beautiful; if I bought some for next year I'd never find them. I gave up sending cards years ago.