Friday, May 21, 2010

Map Your Day

It's been a long rough week around here. Work coupled with jury duty for Hub and a lot of pain issues for me with my shoulder. I haven't been able to do much physically, and have been crabby and whiney all week. It doesn't help that I haven't been able to get comfortable at night, so am sleep deprived. Hub decided this morning he was going to force me out of my doldrums....I really wasn't too interested in his plans, but knew it would do no good to protest. So, off we went and I decided to kind of keep a record of our adventures of the day. Downtown early...before 10 a.m. First stop, Whole Foods for olive oil and scones. We drank coffee with the scones, brought the olive oil home. Walked across the street to By George and Waterloo Records. I'm already melting by this time, as it is hot and humid. I'm really warm by the time we get back to the car. I REALLY dislike humidity and heat! So we drove to Anthropologie instead of walking. Then Hub heads out Lamar St. for a scenic drive and we go to Starbucks, Skandanavia, then full circle back towards home. Stop at Target for a few things and see all our retail pals from there. Mikey the sign guy saved me some stuff from the Liberty of London...yay! Then lunch at ChickFilA, then get a Frappucino and head home. I'm exhausted, it is 2:30 and 93 outside. My shoulder still hurts but at least I got out and about for awhile. I am so exhausted that I might even sleep tonight...except for the caffeine in the coffee beverage.

Targets' Liberty of London collection is all on clearance now, not much left at my store but got a couple more packs of file folders. The butterfly was one of the promo items the sign guy saved for me.

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  1. Sounds like you had a good, enjoyable day despite the heat and humidity. You should come's been unusually chilly out here.