Sunday, October 4, 2009

No Art Work, Just Work

I haven't had a moment to spare the past few days, as it was time again for our neighborhood fall garage sale. I've been sorting and cleaning closets, trying to get rid of as much stuff as possible. Where did all this crap come from? YIKES. Trouble is, most of it is mine, and most of it is unused art supplies, or "possibilities" as I see them. Will it ever be possible that I will have enough time to use all this stuff? Unfortunately, most of it is not the kind of stuff you can sell at a garage sale, nor is it anything I want to part with. Anyhow, Saturday dawned and with the help of the Hubster, got it all out, and at least it didn't start raining until about 10:30, and what we had left we managed to get back into the garage and sit there until noon, drinking coffee and visiting with neighbors. With the heavy rains predicted, there was not much of a turn-out, but we did manage to sell several of the larger items we had been storing, and got rid of more than I had expected. The rest goes to donation.

It did wear me out though,and I hurt my shoulder and back moving stuff around. I just loafed the rest of the day, sorted some more art supplies, took a nap, nice rainy day activities. And rain it did, heavy and hard. The rest of the day, and again last night, and again this morning. It has been a nice restful week-end, Hubster and I have just relaxed for a change. Today we met some pals at Starbucks, and tried out their sampling of the new VIA instant coffee, read the Sunday paper, watched a little football, listened to Prairie Home Companion, took a nap, a little more football, and the man is going to cook us up some dinner here in a little while. Then maybe a movie this evening. I have to say, that will be about all the relaxing I will be able to handle. I am getting cabin fever just a little bit and anxious to get some artwork done. I have a couple of projects that need finishing that I will start on first thing tomorrow.

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