Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Buckets of Rain

Goodbye Summer. Yesterday dawned with cool 70ish temps. I put on a long sleeved shirt, but stepped out the door to really high humidity, UGH. I so miss the fall/autumn feel of living in cooler climates. At least we seem to have seen the last of our triple digit summer days. This a.m. I awoke around 2 to the sound of heavy rain and it's been coming down ever since. So the first day of fall may actually be cooler than normal. Yay! Hubster and I always have a laugh over the different ways we determine the weather. He is a weather channel junkie, always knows what's on the radar. I on the other hand, just open the window or the door to see what it feels like outside. Yet another example in the difference in the male and female way of doing things.
I did all my errands yesterday, so I say let it rain, I am having an indoor kind of day. Sorting papers, drinking coffee, still cataloging vacation photos, clipping collage stuff. Cocooning, I like to call it. I may even make today a "pajama day" since I don't have to go out for anything.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Looking at your photos I am sure you'd enjoy the Photo Thursdays with the photos posted from around the world.

    Summer was gone last week but it seems to be back for a few days. Hopefully that will be the end of it as living in the desert is too, too hot for me. A day of rain sounds heavenly!