Saturday, September 12, 2009

Shop Windows Reflected

It's a real challenge to take pics through glass, so I decided to just go with the uncertainty of not knowing what you'll get. Sometimes you get a surprise that you really like. These are a lot of the little shops in Tiburon, the lovely town where I was staying.

Shop directly across from hotel

Closeup of skirt and sweater. Chartreuse and grey, yum! Oh, and me, reflected.

Closeup of other window. Lovely colors as well.

Shop next door to hotel

Shoes for Janet

Horse and assorted things


Gorgeous green dress by the same designer that did the two in the previous shop.

More of my favorite color green.

Bowl of felted stones. For Pat. I wanted to reach through that window and turn the one oddball around. That tag was very distracting!

That's all. These were just some of my favorites. I found a delighful little Thrift Store on a back street, and it was "half-off week". Bought a few buttons and little tid-bits of lace.


  1. Those shoes are gorgeous! I'll take them!

    I love that chartreuse and gray outfit but I can't wear chartreuse at all. Don't you just love shops like those....not the cookie cutter clothes you see all the time.

  2. the shop window photos are wonderful, just love them.