Friday, October 9, 2009

It finally FEELS like Fall

I've been so envious of those of you who have written that you are experiencing fall like weather. Even though we've had tons of rain, it was a wee bit cool then got hot hot hot again. Yesterday was in the 90's and heat index up to 100. Felt really awful. We had a cool front trying to come in, but the heat hanging over us wouldn't allow it...according to my trusty meteorologist, MM. It rained in the night a lot, and when I got up this morning it was 55 degrees. OH YEAH! Dug out the woolie socks and boots and a long sleeved shirt, along with my shiny green raincoat and scarf. Went out with hubby for awhile, for a stroll through the neighborhood. Then we went to the mall(outdoors) with our umbrellas in hand and strolled some more and got a coffee. Cold and windy, and it felt so good. It is supposed to stay cool through the week-end. I won't ever complain about it finally feeling like fall. It feels like it could be a spicy tortilla soup kinda evening. Maybe I can even dig out my flannel jammies this week-end, along with the wool throws for the sofa and chairs. Oh boy! Can you tell I am really ready for cold weather?

Bundling up a wee bit

Pomegranate blossoms after the rain


  1. Yea! We finally got some fall-like weather, too. And we're even supposed to get some rain on Wednesday. I''l believe it when I see it!

  2. Rain is supposed to come this way too, yippee, so glad for the cooler weather and my maple trees are finally starting to get a little color.