Friday, October 30, 2009

Perfecting my Disorganizational Skills

Some days I feel like I spend half my time searching for things. Doesn't matter what it is I need, I have to go on a search for it. No wonder I rarely get any artwork done. By the time I have uncovered everything I need for a project, I am so exhausted I don't have the energy to create. There was a time many years ago I was probably one of the most organized people on the planet. That is what is so baffling about the problems I am having now. How and when did this happen? Well, I suppose part of it is just amassing so darn much "STUFF". Living in the same place for 16 years has contributed to it as well. When one moves every 3 to 5 years there is a constant cleaning out of things to lighten the load. Being able to indulge in my passion for all things paper, as well as my shiny magpie nature, has led to gathering way too much. I haven't had to make many choices over the past few years, just gather whatever suits my fancy. Gather it in faster than you use it up and pretty soon you have a problem. I was thinking I might be a hoarder, until I actually saw an episode of that show. Well, what a relief to find I am NOT. Of course it is just one of the many jokes among us creative types, that yes, I really DO need 27 pairs of scissors. Actually if you ask the hubster, he would probably say I have more than that. Sigh. Well, what prompted this ranting and raving, you ask? Once again, I have misplaced something that I have spent days searching for. My lovely Frida Kahlo necklace that I made for Dia de los Muertos several years ago. I didn't have it for the parade last Saturday, and it appears I won't have it for the actual celebrations this week-end. It is very important to me, so why don't I put it back in the same place twice? No, I lay it down wherever I happen to take it off, and then it gets buried with something else, or swept into a basket when I am "tidying" up. And that is not the only Dia de los Muertos jewelry I have misplaced, so it must all be hanging out together someplace. Even though I did have a few things to wear, I really need and want my Frida necklace. The hubster wants the shrine I made for him a few years ago too, but says he understands...Odds are I will find it next week when I am searching for something else.

The small collection I was able to find to wear.

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