Monday, October 19, 2009

Windows Wide Open

The week-end was wonderful weatherwise. After mid 90's again on Friday, we got a cold front and 30 degree drop in temperature. I love sleeping with the windows open, even though sometimes it wreaks havoc with my allergies. I'd rather put up with that than constant airconditoning.

Saturday I was able to clean house a little bit, between watching several hours of college football with hubby and even a movie. The fresh air gave me a wee boost of energy I hadn't felt all week. Oh, and remember I mentioned all the "unfinished" projects I had, I did manage to finish something...I cleaned off the table in my entryway, yet again. This is always an ongoing project, as we tend to drop things there as we come in. Keys, the mail, library books, found items such as rocks and bird feathers, etc. It gets to looking pretty cluttered, but yet we don't seem capable of breaking the habit. Once the first thing gets put there that doesn't belong, it just seems to snowball until there is a big stack. This is not a big accomplishment, such as finishing an art project, but I decided I'd better start looking at some of my chores as finished projects to keep myself from feeling like I am getting NOTHING done.
So this is the way I like it to look!


Sunday, I had a friend over and we looked at books and magazines, planned a few art projects, watched a couple of recordings and ate this!
Vietnamese coffee, along with Italian Pizzelles. A nice little treat.


  1. Your snack look great. I like to do the small things on my list and then I have more things to cross off and I feel like I got a lot done, at least I can tell myself that. Ha!

  2. Well, we have to do whatever works, don't we? I realized that I do actually get a lot done during a day if I only look at it in a way other than doing some artwork. So from now on I will consider making a fancy coffee artwork...tee hee.

  3. Our clutter place is the bar in the kitchen. No matter how often I clear it off everything seems to land there.

    I love the painting you have hanging over the entry table....gorgeous!!