Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Adjusting to Impending Summer

I'm hot, I'm tired, I'm cranky and depressed! There, that is my usual state around this time of year. Sounds pleasant doesn't it? When it starts to get hot, I go into a downward spiral that lasts for the entire summer. I've tried many different things to ward it off, but no amount of planning or making ready for it, stops it. It is like a creeping malaise. Once the temps start to hover in the 90's I start feeling sluggish and get the blues in a bad way. I start hibernating inside where it is air conditioned. I don't want to go to a single outdoor event, even if it is something I normally would be delighted in, I beg off because of the discomfort I know the heat will cause me. This year I was certain I could avoid it. I did different things this time. While it was still cool, I cleaned and organized the garage,and located my art supplies that I wanted ready for this time. I bought new art supplies. I started not one but two blogs. There, I said, that will keep me occupied and getting things done so summer won't seem so long. I will be productive as that always makes me feel better. Well, part of the groundwork is laid, but I feel like it was just another false start. I just can't get motivated. So here I sit, trying to come up with something sweet and happy to say, and all I want to do is take a nap! Ugh!


  1. Gosh, can I ever relate to this!! Luckily for me we haven't had much hot weather yet and for that I'm extremely thankful! But once it hits I lose interest in just about everything. I do NOT like hot weather! And I don't do good in it. So I know just how you feel. I sympathize with you, and I wish I had some great advice that would make it all better but I don't.

  2. I relate, too. I lived in the Palm Springs area for about 15 years, 115 all summer. I started to hate summer which used to be my fave when we lived near the beaches. Now I am in Oregon where it is always winter, even in the summer. ;) The summer here is almost exactly the same as winter in Palm Springs. The winter is....well, let's not go there or I will get all depressed, too! ;)

  3. btw, I have been to Texas in the summer about 15 times (part Texan myself ;), about 10 of those were for work though, and had to be outside in a SUIT in JULY! I get a little queasy remembering that.