Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Blue Skies Above and Fall Festivals

No matter how life is going, you can always look up and the sky is still there. Lately it has been such a brilliant blue. I love how the sky looks in the fall. The clouds are crisp, even if the air is not yet. In Texas it never feels to me like FALL...We go from hot hot hot to an ice storm, usually. It has been cool in the mornings, but not crisp like I prefer fall to be.

At least it's cool enough to start baking. I've made Pumpkin Scones last week, and these are Cranberry. Both were pretty tasty.

The world keeps turning. It has now been 10 days since Hubby's mother passed. It does not seem possible. Some days it seems like it has been longer, some days we speak of her and it seems like yesterday. Hubby is doing fine, it helps that he is in close touch by phone with his siblings, and knows he can talk whenever he feels like it. I had the weirdest feeling the other night, when it struck me that never again will I have to, or be able to, remind him to call his Mom. He used to get so busy that a few weeks would go by and I would always say "please call your Mom".

I had thought it might be too soon for us to go to the Dia de los Muertos Festival this past week-end. He said it was okay, and I think it may have been therapeutic. Too soon for a shrine for his Mom though. Probably next year.
I'm a bit disappointed in this years photos. For some reason the settings on my camera went a little wacky. I didn't get many of the parade at all, the streets were so crowded. I did get a few costumes and make-ups that I'll share. I totally loved the girl in the pink hair, because she was wearing a little golden antler on top!


  1. The costumes and make-up are fantastic! I'm sure you'll be able to do a shrine next year and Hubby will appreciate it then. He's probably still feeling a little bit raw right now.

    Our weather has been weird. We went from 80's to just barely into the 60's today and tonight it's going to be 32! But it's beautiful, clear and sunny during the day.

  2. Florida has the bluest skies I've ever seen and all the time; much nicer than the smoggy ones in California, sorry about hubby's loss, those costumes are spectacular, great shots, I know what you mean about the camera settings changing, I have no idea what half of mine are and I've had the camera for ages, oh for my 35 mm back again, oh well.