Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunny California Sunday

I'm blogging from San Diego. It's pretty nice here in the Marina. This is the view I've had to endure for the past few days. This photo was taken while sitting in bed with the balcony door open. Nice crisp mornings and evenings. Warm, nice days. Except for the day it rained like crazy all day, and we were like drowned rats because we were out in it. Sleeping with the door wide open each night. No bugs, and no allergies. It really does feel like paradise.

Hubby and I came out a couple days early for the trade show, which started today. We played tourists, went to Coronado Island for one day, have ridden the trolley/train all over San Diego, found Anthropology store and visted there. Seaport Village is right next door to the hotel. We are also near the GasLight district, and there are a lot of interesting things to see there. I've walked miles, and it felt good. Have a few more adventures planned, between trade show duties and business dinners.

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