Sunday, April 22, 2012


There are too many festivals to count, much less attend, on any given week-end here in Austin. Last week-end, we chose the YARD ART TOUR, which I have tons of photos from that I haven't posted yet.

This week-end it is EARTH DAY stuff. Yesterday we spent several hours at a Wine&Cheese tasting event. Had plans for a couple of other stops, but after all the wine and cheese we were too tired to continue. 

Today we are off to an all day festival of events.

As soon as I have time to figure out this new format that blogger has come up with, I just might be able to post photos again.


  1. Blogger just keeps changing things!

    Sounds like you're busy busy busy! We went to a Poppy Festival over the weekend but it was disappointing. I hope yours were better.

  2. I went to Cedar Key but left early, guess I wasn't into it this time, plus it was going to be really hot and I hate walking in the heat.