Friday, March 8, 2013

I love me a rainy day

I ran a lot of  errands yesterday and it was 75 when I got home mid day.  Dry though, and windy as usual.  Today dawned nicely... around 40...right now it is 53, east wind 3mph and 93% humidity.  So much better than earlier when we had those high winds and danger of fire because of the low humidity.  I feel energized when it rains for some reason.  Plus I get to stay in and putter around today. I've been cleaning and organizing a bit so I can do some papercrafting this week-end. 

                                            Oak to the left

Oak to the right
 Asparagus fern new growth and Purple Heart Wandering Jew. Purple Heart I love this plant and it grows quite well here, I have it in both the front yard and in a couple of the beds in the back yard.  It spreads and can get out of control if you let it.

Tiny succulent coming back in the pot where the birds or squirrels ate the jade plant that was in this pot.  Don't know what this little guy is, but I hope it spreads quickly.

The trees are beginning to sprout and things are turning green around the neighborhood.  I keep forgetting to mention, we finally got rid of the plumbers.  They finished about a week ago, and the crew came back and filled in the trenches.  The entire side yard is just dirt and is going to remain so until we get the foundation work done.  We are trying to ignore that little problem for awhile if we can.  Hubby is going to spray for any weeds that come up.  I'm working on a design that incorporates ground cover and a stone pathway from the drive to the gate.  No grass there as it is under that big oak tree to the left (top photo), and grass does not grow well there. Neighbor and I have discussed a collaboration of some sort.  The property line meets at the tree trunk.

looking forward to a relaxing week-end.


  1. I like a rainy day, too. Yesterday it rained very early in the morning but the rest of the day was just windy and chilly. My son built a fire right after lunch and we had it going until I went to bed last night. I loved it.

    I'm glad to hear you're making some progress with the house and all the plumbing problems. That must be a relief!

  2. We have had little rain but it has been windy; it is due to start warming up around here too.