Saturday, September 7, 2013

Coming Home

After a month away from Texas, Hubby and I flew home on Thursday. I have become very weary of flying, and it tires me out more all the time.  I pass the time reading, sleeping, or observing the clouds out the window.  They are always so much more beautiful than a photo can capture, but I still make the attempt.

We spent our time first in Boise, at our someday retirement home.  We worked in the yard, well Hubby did that more than I did. I spent a lot of time sitting on the deck watching and listening to the waterfall and fountain. At several different times, I saw three hummingbirds hovering around the Honeysuckle vines that are right next to the pond. There were lots of dragonflies as well. I don't sit outside much in Texas in the summer, so I am really very aware of the opportunities to do it when we are in Idaho.
We spent time with relatives and kept very busy with attending the events at the assisted living facility where my Mom and Dad now live.  We flew to Chicago for a week on business and had a great time there, staying a couple of extra days in downtown Chicago and doing a bit of sight seeing.  Then back to Boise for another week, and then home on the 6th.  I celebrated my 70th birthday on the 31st of August, and my cousin had a nice big family dinner in my honor. is difficult to say I am 70 as that sounds so old, and I don't feel that old.

All in all, we had a great time.  However, the heat we left Texas to escape to cool weather for, seemed to follow us.  Boise was having a heat wave, the temps for the entire month of August were only below 90 on 4 days! They were also experiencing the summer fires that have plagued the entire Western States for a number of years now.  It was so smoky when we first arrived that the foothills were not even visible.  It came and went, with fires throughout the region.  A lot of acreage lost and some homes as well.  It is sad to see the forests disappear and the threat to wild life and people as well.  When in Chicago it was a bit cooler, but still hotter than normal.  We did leave there just as they were beginning to creep up into the 90's. 

While leaving Boise on Thursday, we did get to witness something really special.  When we got to the airport, we saw a news crew downstairs and didn't think much of it.  But when we got checked in and arrived at our gate, there was a lot of excitement taking place.  A Southwest flight had just landed at the next gate, bringing home some WWII veterans that had been flown to Washington D.C. earlier in the week.  This is part of a program that has been going on for a few years across the country.  Honor Flight

Anyhow, as they came off the plane, they gathered in front of  our gate, waiting for everyone to deplane.   Most of these veterans were in wheelchairs, but some of them were walking. Everyone in the terminal stood and applauded.  I turned and was speaking to the lady next to me, she had tears in her eyes, as did I.  When I turned back to where my husband had been standing, I saw that he was not there.  He had walked over to them and was going down the line, shaking each of their hands.  Then a very young soldier in uniform was walking the line as well.  Everyone in the gate area was standing and applauding as the group left the area. This was such a touching event, and I am so glad we were there at just the right time to witness it.  When I finally got my wits about me, it was all over and I was able to only get a couple of photos of the way Southwest had decorated around Gate 15.


  1. Whew! That's a lot of traveling. It must be nice to be home again even if it is hot. We're still into the high 90's here and I'm really ready for some fall weather.

    What an inspiring moment at the airport. I'm glad to hear people were appreciative and acknowledged the veterans contributions to our freedom and safety.

  2. you need a vacation to recover from your vacation; what a treat to see the veterans