Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The colors of Idaho and Happy Thanksgiving

Last week Hubby and I returned from our trip to Idaho.  We spent 2 1/2 wonderful weeks there, enjoying an unusually warm November.  Hubby did a little yard work, we enjoyed time around the house, besides doing some home repairs and having things serviced.  We spent time with family, especially my Mom.  I was able to go with Mom and Sister to two of Mom's Dr. appointments, and find out she does have wonderful Doctors there.  She was in good spirits, especially when we all were playing the card games she loves.

 Still had roses in November
Sun rises every morning, view from our family room and kitchen

Turning colors and falling leaves, and some orange flowers still blooming
On November 17th, Hubby and I celebrated our 43rd wedding anniversary.  With what we've been through lately, it gives more critical meaning to "in sickness and in health."

We have planned a very low key Thanksgiving, as neither of are very cheerful, for a variety of reasons. We'll watch a lot of football, read and watch movies, and avoid news stories at all costs.  Make of that what you will.


  1. Happy "late" Anniversary!!

    It will be a quiet Thanksgiving for us, too. Just me and HB and a turkey!

    I've been avoiding the news for quite some time now. Can't stand to watch it anymore.

  2. Belated Happy Anniversary. I came across a very generous comment from you on a vintage blog post of mine just now and wanted to check in, for you spoke about, among other things, Joni Mitchell's song RIVER. Wishing you and your husband increasing strength and brightening health prospects. If you come by my place to visit, there is always so much music we can discuss. Take good care. xo